JMU Dingledine Scholarship question

My DD has applied for the Dingledine Scholarship. I was wondering when past people have received the interview letter? How did you receive, email only, regular mail only?

I applied for this scholarship also. I received my rejection letter in the mail on the last day of January, but no email. I am an all honors and AP student with an average of 104 and an unweighted GPA of 4.0. I did two varsity sports for three years, lots of volunteer clubs, and some other extracurricular activities. I have 100 in character rating, have had an outside job for three years, and do travel soccer as well. My SAT was 1350 and ACT was 29. I have shown immense interest in JMU for years, even though I live all the way in New York, by visiting, following them on Instagram, emailing my admissions counselor, creating a JMYou account, and signing up for open houses. Not quite sure what more they needed for me to get this scholarship but I guess it still wasn’t enough lol. Oh well though, life goes on! Good luck to your daughter, I hope she is happy wherever she ends up on her journey!! I’m sure whoever got this scholarship was well deserved