Job Offers

<p>How many people actually graduate per year? Also, how many job offers can a grad from Webb expect to get right out of the Institute?</p>

<p>This year there will 20 if all goes as planned and they all have jobs or a spot at grad school</p>

<p>They enroll up to 25 students per year, and by Senior year, 1 or 2 may transfer to other schools. So, they graduate anywhere from 20-24 students per year. Job offers have been good - partly it depends on how flexible the gradutes are about location - many find jobs in DC area, Seattle, and quite a few other locations. They have a great support network with their alumni and a number of engineering design firms around the nation.</p>

<p>Check out: Webb</a> Institute of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering | Princeton Review Best 368 Colleges</p>