Job placement/name recognition

I am from a Chicago suburb and might attend Florida state after getting the tuition fee waiver. I haven’t decided whether I want to go back to Chicago or find a job in fl when I graduate. I’m concerned with having trouble getting a job outside of the Tallahassee area. FSU is higher ranked for accounting compared to my other options (Miami Ohio). A large school does come with more resources and networks (which I’ve already started doing with family friends in the business industry). Does anyone have insight that could help?

Today, recruiting happens more online and the pandemic will move that more.

My nephew got his degree at UNLV - believe me - 8 notches below. They place people at the Big 4.

Of course, naturally schools other than the top tier will place regionally more than nationally.

The OOS Waiver at FSU - with housing - you’re talking $21-22K - even if placement did stink, that’s a lot of savings - you can just work harder - it’d be well worth it.

You can find data on their website but it’s hard to navigate.

I’m sure you’ll be fine at FSU. Like every where, work hard to get an internship, network with professors, and stand out in the crowed.


Thank u for the great advice!