Job Prospects after CSUMB

<p>I'm admitted as a transfer student for 2014 Fall. Since I can't find any answers on how employment is after CSUMB.
HELP ME OUT. I know there are many factors like today's economy, depends on my ability to sell myself, and etc... MB isn't a very well known csu school and my major is Environmental Science B.S </p>

i’ve been looking for similar info about CSUMB, did you ever find any answers? most people i’ve asked just dodge the question

Environmental Science with an emphasis in what? CSUMB is well known for their marine-based studies. Would it be the major or the college? I graduated in an area of ES many moons ago - wasn’t easy then finding a career, but passion, persistence, and commitment are some of your best job market skills. CSUMB may be an emerging CSU campus (and that has it’s advantages), but I believe they look substantially more at the candidate than the college name that trails behind their name.

Contact the campus career center - ask them about who recruits on campus, what positions they fill, etc.