Jobs that don’t look at a computer all day

I was born with an eye condition and my vision has gotten significantly worse since the pandemic/online learning. So I’m trying to find careers that will prevent that from happening again. I applied to schools as an accounting or actuarial science major but don’t know if it’s a good fit.
I’ve tried to find high paying jobs that don’t typically look at a screen all day. I’m interested in math, possibly physics, but don’t want to be in school for six+ years. I don’t want to be a doctor because of medical school and I don’t really like working that close w people. Although engineering is a very solid field, I’ve never been that interested in it.

Construction Management? Kind of engineering meets business. You’re out in the field a lot, not behind a desk all the time. Good salary/job security.

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My future SIL is in construction management. Computer ALL DAY LONG. He’s been working from home for more than a year, and hasn’t even gone into the office once. My daughter, civil engineer, mostly works on the computer but she does more site visits than he does.

My brother found out early in life he didn’t like working inside. He’s a ski patroler (EMT) and in the summer does construction. He likes to build things.

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I’m a CPA and the way things are set up today I’m on the computer most of the day.

My D is a speech pathologist and spends less time online (although she still has lots of reports to type up)

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What about a geologist? Some type of environmental sciences? Teacher? Hotel/hospitality management?


Thank you for letting me know!!!

That’s upsetting to hear but thank you. But I’m curious about what you do when you’re not on the computer? Talking with clients or coworkers?

I’m not really interested in anything environment related unfortunately and I don’t think I would like working that close with people /hospitality

Hi @avaw21, that certainly is a difficult position to be in. Here are some out of the office jobs I can think of:
Park Ranger, Surveyor, PE teacher, Airplane Inspector, Geologist, Corrections Officer

But I think since you are interested in Actuarial Science perhaps you’d like to be an inspector (not sure if that’s the right title) for an insurance company? Like checking out damaged property and assessing the value of it, or doing an initial assessment to determine the value of something for insurance policy purposes. This also makes me think of appraisers in general, if that sounds like something you would be interested in.

I’m interested to see which field you find most interesting :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s a great idea! I’ll have to look into that as it seems very similar to actuaries! And many have recommended something environmental so I’ll do more research about geologists. I appreciate your help!


Yes… although with covid meetings are online as well.

Plumbers, electricians or HVAC for any large-job contractor. The contractor and his managers work with the client.

They make great money, have limited hours, do the work, and then go to the next job. You don’t have to do a lot of computer time-the office Staff does that.

I’m a five foot two female afraid of spiders. I’d rather not become a plumber but thank you anyways for the suggestions

I also have arachnophobia, but I always ask others to “remove” the spiders for me. You could ask for similar conditions.

Women have smaller hands and tend to be able to get into anything. I just saw something on TV about some wood-workers and glass/metal specialists?

Auto mechanic? One of my closest friends was a very respected auto mechanic. She chose her hours, made time for her kids, and was very well-paid.

Also, one of my neighbors has an appliance repair woman who is very busy and skilled. People like her because she thinks “outside the box”. I can never get an appointment with her since she is constantly booked 3-4 weeks out, and makes great money.

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Although I’d love to have more women doing male dominated jobs, I can’t picture myself being a mechanic/plumber/etc. Maybe it’s having to wear a school uniform for ten years but I’m excited to dress up nice for work haha. I appreciate all your ideas though

Although I cannot refer to any sort of job position. Regarding your vision problems, you could eventually undergo lasik eye surgery which can improve your vision. However it’s best to consult your optometrist to see if it’s safe to take lasik.

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Behind the scenes theater stuff. Lighting design, sound, props. Fashion manager. The safety side of risk management. OSHA inspector. Trainer in something (like you train teachers on some new technique). Hmmm, it does seem like the highest paying jobs require a lot of computers of computers or being around people. Pharmacudical sales (however you spell that).

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I’m a therapist so I talk to people all day. It has been via Zoom in the pandemic and I always had some online sessions, but mainly in person in ‘regular’ times. I do have to type up reports and notes, but the vast majority of my time is spent talking, or rather listening, to clients. It is NOT a job for those without a vocation for helping others, however.

Not sure where you got the idea that Actuaries don’t work on a computer all day. That’s a job focused almost entirely on statistical analysis using computer models.

In any event, you’re looking for a job that doesn’t require lots of computer time or much interaction with people?
Lab tech
Long-haul truck driver
Postal worker
Trades (i.e. plumber, carpenter, HVAC technician, electrician, etc.).

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