Johns Hopkins RD 2025

Does anyone know if you are able to do a self-guided tour around campus? From their website it seems like they only have virtual visit options currently, but I’m wondering if we would be able to walk around the campus if we drove down for the day?

My DS is on WL. Looking into the stats over the past 2 years, total admissions is lot less this year compared to, say 2019 where JHU almost gave out 3000. Do anyone know how many kids from last year deffered their admission? Could that be the reason for 2.4K (approx) admits this year, ED+RD. Just trying to calculate the odds of getting off the WL. Thanks

Ps. Congratulations to everyone who got in!

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We drove down and walked around the campus in the fall.

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While the deferrals may be part of the reason for lower admissions, another element may be the uncertainty around yield. With so many kids applying to so many more schools, yield numbers are difficult to predict. The additional uncertainty around how Covid may impact 2021-22 (particularly housing requirements), means that schools need to be especially cautious not to over enroll. Once deposits are in and JHU has a better sense of freshman enrollment, they will begin to admit kids from the waitlist. Depending on this year’s yield, it is very possible that they will admit more from the waitlist than they have in past years.


I forget exactly how, but your son can send in an LOCI – maybe tell him to ask on the JHU subreddit, there’s more current students there

Separate forum for the waitlisted students: Johns Hopkins Waitlist 2025

Accepted - 3.9/4.5, 1540. I also received a Hodson Trust Scholarship


The major will show up later once your D got her actual JHU portals. It is very easy to change majors at Hopkins and she can do it even before she arrives on campus.


Admitted RD! :slight_smile:

Rank: 10/840 students (top 2%)
GPA: 4.85/5.0 Weighted, 4.0/4.0 Unweighted
SAT- Wasn’t able to take it
Full IB Diploma Student (Junior & Senior Year)

President of Latin Club
Co-President of Foreign Language Honors Society
Lead Editor and Writer for school newspaper
3/4 year summer internship/volunteer work
LEDA Scholar
Regular Member of NHS and Student counsel, Summer@Brown, 10 week exposure program, other random small stuff

Message: Hey guys, I’m an admitted student for the class of 2025! I just finished reading the previous messages and for the waitlist applicants please don’t solely focus on your academic strengths and all of that, you don’t let your personality shine through by doing that. Hopkins knows you’re intelligent already, take the time to use the written section of the application to talk about you, as an individual. Although it’s great to talk about the importance of the academics offered at the school talk more about how it will help you expand your own knowledge and help others around you. They are looking for leaders!


i got in!!


@eliya2003 Congratulations!

My daughter also was waitlisted. She has similar stats to your daughter: 4.0/5.3; varsity tennis player for 4 years and won at state twice; national writing award-winner; ACT: 34. Girl Scout Gold award, etc.
She was pretty disappointed about this one, but we knew that JH was highly competitive and was a reach.

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i was accepted test-optional

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My daughter just gave up her acceptance into Johns Hopkins! I hope someone from CC gets a call/email soon about getting off the waitlist!

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What were your stats

What else where you involved in

Regarding Dorm assignments, are the rooms just assigned or BOTH room and the actual bed? For example, what would 407A-1 mean? I know 407A but what does the ‘1’ reference?