Johns Hopkins RD 2025

It sounds cliche, but you’ll end up in the place best for you, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now


What were your stats? I applied mechanical engineering to Hopkins and was waitlisted


  • test-optional
  • did their fly in HOME program
  • received the ‘Hodson-Gilliam Success Scholarship’
  • rejected from the international studies direct matriculation program

If any New Jays have questions, I’ve mentioned before that I’m a current student and you can PM me and we can exchange instas or something! most of my experience is STEM related, but I can connect you with other students if you have humanities questions


Yes, we sent the score the only chance she got to take in midst of pandemic SAT - 1530. Her senior year first semester GPA was 98%, pushing her CGPA to 96%. All tough APs, the only easy AP was AP Microeconomy that she aced 100% and teacher told in her 40 years , this is the first time he was convinced the student should get 100%. A someone else said at one stage it looks like lottery. At least she got in all her safety school that includes a full ride at one of them.

how do you know you get in Engineering?

where did you see you got in Mechanical Engineering?

This may sound like empty words right now, but don’t be too hard on yourself. My son is in the same boat. All he did for the past 4 years was ‘build the perfect resume’. Not saying he didn’t enjoy the things he did, but he was very aware of what is ‘perceived’ to be important to have on your resume/application. In the process he made many sacrifices (socially) in order to be as competitive as he can be. I’m not going to list his resume, because it would seem that it is really irrelevant as there are so many factors that go into this decision. I feel that this year’s seniors many be at a slight disadvantage because of the cards they were dealt with COVID (and the applicants that carried over/waited to apply from last year’s senior class). I truly believe that you will end up where you are meant to be, and I don’t say this with any disregard to your disappointment – this mama has to lick her own son’s wounds today.


and… CONGRATULATIONS to every single applicant who was accepted! It is a great accomplishment. Enjoy your celebrations!


D admitted with full tuition waiver- Valedictorian ( 1/523)


@compengineer1 Congratulations!!!

Daughter accepted !
This year is so hard for these current seniors … from my viewpoint it’s a matter of good fortune and luck !

Congrats! My daughter has very similar stats, applied for IR and got waitlisted. Happy for you!

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Thanks for encouraging news! My D got waitlisted.

I wish her the best of luck, Hopkins accepts more waitlisted students than you’d think! I can direct her to my friends who got in after being waitlisted if that would help.

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Please do have faith and know that you’ll end up where you are meant to be. Both MIT and JHU are super reach school for everyone. Your hard work will pay off at the end. Don’t be discouraged. Sounds like you still have chances with other schools.

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That’s great! I hope she joins us as a New Jay – Bloomberg’s donation really helped with financial aid, so I was in a similar situation where Hopkins was my cheapest option!


I got waitlisted and I’m really excited because I expected a rejection!!

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That’s the spirit!! Hope to see you at JHU next year :slight_smile:

Son is waitlisted. Other than accepting the waitlist option is there anything else he needs to do. There was no option to send an loci…

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