Johns Hopkins University Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

We did not get it and we have the similar stats as your child with slightly higher SAT scores. But we live just 20 mins away from the school so maybe they believe that there is high chance if selected for RD would attend.

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Yes, got it, too.

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DD got the same email to do ED2…think its an email blast to all RD applicants (not surprising…they obviously havnt gone thru any apps and its highly improbable they set some thresholds to send it to selected candidates). For anyone who didn’t receive that email: IMO its just coincidence, and you just avoided one more junk email :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

DD Stats:
GPA: 4.1
Major: Neuroscience

I have a question because this is the only school that she nor I can find an application status portal. Applied through common app – would we expect decision through an email or have to go through a portal for ED2?

There definitely is an Application Portal (I have access to mine). Maybe try combing through Spam emails?


I applied ED2 and I have additional files on my financial aid section. Does this mean anything?

Could you mention what additional finaid docs do you have in your portal? Mine just has the css profile and parents’ tax return checklist.

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Certificate of Finance and statement of income/assets

Anyone got updated for mid year report in the portal list? I haven’t seen it although I have submitted by the end of Jan.

Hi Guys, QQ Did anyone get asked to submit FAFSA or additional financial documents? Even if you are sure you don’t qualify for aid? Why would they ask for this? Any ideas/direction? What happens if we chose to just ignore this request?

We keep getting asked to submit the FAFSA which we did but it’s not showing up in the portal. So my son wrote to Fin Aid office and asked if this was a mistake. They later replied that everything was fine now and all docs are in. A few days later (yesterday), he gets another email from them saying he has financial docs missing. We check the portal and it’s the FAFSA again. Still has a red X next to it. It’s very frustrating.

We’re not expecting any financial aid. We filed in the hopes of getting something. And in the event that a scholarship required it at some of his colleges. We were told to play it safe and do it.

Does anyone still have their admission checklist there? Mine is gone but the financial aid tab is still there.



Are you Ed2 or RD? That’s just odd about the financial aid.

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I still have the financial checklist too. I am an ED2 applicant.


Same. I have the financial checklist even now.

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I got in for EDII!!


Did ED2 really come out yet?

Yup, heard of one admit. daughter’s friend.

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Yes son’s friend got in

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