Johnson Scholarship -- Class of 2022

Any sense of when we might hear about Johnson Scholarship? Do applicants get a ‘no’ if they aren’t selected for an interview or do they just hear nothing?

I’m not sure about the dates; it seems that over the last few years, this has varied. It seems that in most years, finalists were notified by Fed Ex starting between Feb 5 and Feb 10, while students who were not selected received snail-mail a few days later. I’ll keep you posted if I see anything.
We’re probably obsessing over this way too much.
Anyway, good luck!

In the last two years, it had always been released on the first Friday of Feb – last year on 2/3 and the year before on 2/5. If the logic holds, this year’s decision should release this Friday 2/2.

Also, in the last two years, they just update the portal and then sent an email, no more FedEx and USPS. So check your portal and email on Friday evening!

Did anyone have their website change to include the Johnson scholarship tab.

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@Cj610 Yes, my stepson’s portal now contains a Johnson tab. I have no idea but perhaps they notify everyone who applied via that tab – both yes and no. @bogeyorpar is that what you were saying in post #2 above? Usually these things are NOT a pre indication of good news – just preparing the site for whatever the news is going to be, good or bad. That’s how I believe we should interpret this. Do any others have views?

Under the Johnson Scholarship on DC’s portal it says “Johnson Scholarship Application Received” and the date he submitted his application. So, I would tend to think they’re just tracking all the components/milestones and wouldn’t read too much into it.

Ok, thanks

Ok, thanks

I posted #2 before the portal change. I just went back in time and read last two year’s Johnson scholarship threads. Both of them indicate that the decision comes on first Friday of Feb, and Yes, both students who are invited and not invited are notified of the decisions. Someone estimated about 200 finalists will receive invites.

This morning’s portal change could be related to preparation for the decision release.

Do you guys also receive an email from an AO talking about his experience at WLU? And a notice of a live webinar next Monday?

we now have the Johnson tab too. I don’t think it was there a few days ago.

What does the Johnson tab look like? My status just says “Johnson Application Received” and then has the date next to it. It has looked like that since I initially applied.

You’re already in the Johnson tab if you’re seeing that @grk258.

Why do you say that?

Oh okay, thanks.

What does the Johnson tab look like on the Generals’ HQ page?

Now that tab has disappeared on DS GHQ page. It was there this am. Strange.

Ya, strange. Now it’s back to the original GHQ layout – no Johnson tab anymore. What the heck is going on?

Bet it was removed and will be reposted with correct update within the next few days

In the past years, a few days before posting, they’ll also announce the date/time on Right now, the page still shows “Information for Early Decision II applicants will be available on the GHQ beginning 8:00 PM (EST) on Friday, Jan 26th.”

Friday 8pm eastern time the Johnson Scholarship decisions will be on GHQ. W&L tweeted to that effect this am.