Johnson Scholarship Selection Weekend

Any former Johnson Scholars willing to give us some advice on the upcoming selection weekend?

My D did the weekend last year. She says to always remember that you are interviewing, even in social situations. Be prepared to answer questions about your essays.

@katespeare Thank you very much.

In the group interview, it’s important to be collaborative, not competitive, with the other group members. Social skills are important here. Everyone will have impressive accomplishments, so avoid the temptation to one-up or show off and instead be genuine, enthusiastic, and gracious.

Yep, you are interviewing the entire weekend, even if your host takes you to a party. The school has sent kids home mid-weekend for misbehavior!

Have fun. D met her best friend that weekend.

@yauponredux and @scmom12 thanks again for the advice. From the list W&L sent, it looks like about 125 Johnson candidates will be on campus this weekend. Is it right that W&L will announce winners mid-March? Thanks again.

My daughter said the same thing about the group interview – don’t hog the time – be collaborative. This might sound preachy, but have good manners! On her solo interview, they discussed primarily her essay; however, they mixed some current event topics in with that. The Johnson has been wonderful and my daughter met her best friend/roomie that weekend!

@RFM1617 From looking at last years thread it seems to be the 2nd following the weekend

@RFM1617 I believe that my daughter’s Johnson letter is dated March 16, 2018, which was a Friday.

Has anyone heard yet?

@RFM1617 ugh no, not yet! i’m so nervous to hear back. guessing that they might release it this Friday though…haha hopefully :slight_smile:

I think it was this weekend a year ago that we heard about my D22’s Johnson acceptance. I remember that we were crazy nervous so we went to a movie to pass the time until the release.