joint degree program essay?

<p>Hey so I've written what is a pretty great essay so far for the W&M and St. Andrews program for international relations. Problem is, my essay is 700 words, and the common app said to write an essay between 1500-2000 words. Did they mean that as a maximum, or to write it between those numbers? Because I'll tell you now, writing 2000 words about why you want to do a program is really hard. Mine is 2 and a half pages long so far and not even half of the lower limit of 1500 words. So should I really write over a 5 page paper about why this program appeals to me? I'm finding it even more difficult because the program is still in its first year running, so there isn't exactly a plethora of information of out. Any suggestions on what to include, or alternatively, does anyone know if that word count isn't strictly enforced? Seriously, this is over double the length of any other essay I've encountered on other supplements, yet I love this program so much that I don't want to screw it up.</p>

<p>The 1500-2000 words is a guideline. We do want these essays to be detailed and we want them to demonstrate 1) why you want to study the discipline you've indicated and 2) that you understand what the joint program entails and why you think you'll thrive in this unique academic setting.</p>

<p>2000 words is intended as a maximum or a ceiling. While 1500 is not a floor/minimum we do recommend that it be more in-depth than your Common Application essay (generally around 500 words). If you haven't already, explain what got you interested in international relations, review the course structure for the program and let us know what courses excite you, note what you'll get out of the hybrid program (part American liberal arts, part British discipline-focused).</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Thank you sooooo much! It definitely helps!</p>