Journalism/Mass Communications

<p>Hello! I am a high school junior looking to be a journalist. I am looking for a undegrad school that has a solid journalism/mass communications program with a concentration in politics and/or Middle Eastern Studies that's not super expensive. Here are some other things you should know about me:</p>

<p>-UBER left wing
-Likes a nice campus
-Fun community
-Not too many parties please
-Good music program
-Awesome college town
-Motivated student body</p>

<p>To get a decent answer, we would also need to know your scores, GPA, and how much you/your family is willing/capable to pay.</p>

<p>Home state would help, too.</p>

<p>you need a hippie school.
you just want to be around people like you?</p>

<p>Well, if you want uber left-wing and deeply involved politcally-minded students, and you can afford it, I would look at Evergreen State College in WA. It spawned Rachel Corrie and I believe had a graduation guest speaker who was on death row. There are right-wing radio people calling for it to be forced out of state funding all the time. I've always heard, though, that it's also a place where motivated students do quite well.</p>