<p>Start Juilliard dance major discussion here!</p>

<p>Well, I know that they only take 12 boys and 12 girls into the first year class. That is of course from everybody in the whole wide world who auditions there.</p>

<p>And they already took Sharpey</p>

<p>Hahahaha yeah so that leaves only 11 spots for girls now. Good luck!</p>

<p>I have read they only take 24 dancers,still there isn't much ever written here about Julliard. Would it be considered an elite dance program</p>

<p>Yes, it is considered an elite dance program. Freshman class is always 12 boys and 12 girls. That's it! And they do assess dancers out.</p>

<p>We just visited on one of their "Spotlight on Dance' days. Applicants and parents watched an entire ballet class, had a tour and question and answer period, and lunch was provided in the cafeteria.</p>

<p>As I remember, there were 450 applicants last year and 24 accepted. They lose a few students from each year, before graduation, when the students go off to dance professionally.</p>

<p>Some people were surprised at the attitudes towards ballet. Juilliard does not require pointe, for example, and many students give it up in the course of the 4 years. The admissions person said it was a matter of personal choice whether to do pointe in ballet class or not (or in auditions). In the class we watched, all 10 girls were on pointe, but it is fine to do every class on flat.</p>

<p>I mention this so that dancers who have focused on modern, or who have not done a lot of pointe work, know that it is still possible to apply and thrive there.</p>

<p>Our (male) student tour guide was wonderful, quite humble and personable. The ballet students stopped to talk with us, on their own, and were very enthusiastic. We were surprised at the warmth of everyone we encountered at Juilliard that day, actually.</p>

<p>The renovated facility is gorgeous: the ballet class was large, and had full windows at the barre so that students could look down on Broadway. The students do a lot of work with those in the other disciplines, so that dancers may perform to compositions written by music students, for instance. They also room with students from the other divisions.</p>

<p>Our daughter is not applying: she "just wants to dance," meaning training w/out thought of a degree, but it was a wonderful day at Juilliard.</p>

<p>My daughter has several friends who attend there and she did their SI program. You do have to pass a ballet class without being cut first so ballet is very important to be able to get in. If you don't have good ballet technique they will never see your modern. Larry Rhodes, head of the dance department, likes girls with perfect ballet bodies and some great dancers who don't fit that bill were passed by for others who do.</p>

<p>Agreed that ballet is first, before the first cut, but also, again, pointe is not required in the audition (although it is for the SI).</p>

<p>We did not observe girls with "perfect ballet bodies" at all. After watching the ballet class, we made the assumption that some of those students must be amazing doing modern.</p>

<p>Also, I had heard that Juilliard preferred strong-looking dancers to the tall, thin Balanchine types. But that is just something I heard.</p>

<p>how is CMU's dance prgm compared to Julliard's?</p>

<p>Balanchine dancers of the moment are little peanuts. Ti Peck 5'2", Erica Periera 5' even. There are a lot of SAB girls at Juilliard so take that as an indication. This past year Larry Rhodes has picked some stronger looking girls for a change and that is really nice. Glad to see that!</p>

<p>NYU Tisch has essentially the same program as Juilliard. Larry Rhodes headed NYU Tisch and made their program before going to Juilliard. Tisch dancers are taking work away from Juilliard students of late from what I have heard. They are being hired over them in many instances. Maybe it is because a lot of the choreographers didn't get into Juilliard (lol) who knows. I have no clue.</p>

<p>But NYU's program is 3 years, and Juilliard's is 4.</p>

<p>That is because they do the summer too. The same amount of credits. They want the kids out and working a.s.a.p. Many of the Juilliard student don't graduate and get a degree because they get jobs before their 4th year. The senior class last year was 16 students from the 24 originally.</p>

<p>Anyone do the Juilliard dance audition in Chicago on Friday 2/5?? Was wondering about the turnout, how many/what type made it to the end of the audition etc. Any feedback would be appreciated. My daughter is auditioning in Miami on Thursday. Thanks</p>

<p>What I want to kno is how hard they grade the audition</p>

<p>My son went to one in New York in January. I believe there were 66 auditioning. He said 14 made it through to the whole process.</p>

<p>That seems high; it must have been a good group. Last year at S's audition only two were there to the end.</p>