June 13 ACT Score Release?

I took the ACT on June 13 (most places administered it June 12, but this site did it the 13th); it’s been 10 days, and I haven’t gotten my score back. Has anyone who tested on June 13 gotten theirs back yet?

I took the ACT once before and got it in 10 days; I didn’t do writing either time, so that shouldn’t affect how long it takes to get here.

None of my students have got their score yet. Be patient.

To put things in perspective, I am told that in the olden days before the magma cooled and while dinosaurs roamed the earth, students had to wait by a thing called a mailbox until a person dressed in blue walked up at an unspecified date and time weeks later with an envelope containing their scores. :slight_smile: Patience is a virtue.


I took the ACT with writing on Jun 13 and got my multiple choice scores back on Tuesday the 22nd, but I haven’t gotten my writing yet.

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The writing score always takes longer, which ACT is very upfront about.

No need to be condescending. Since many got their multiple choice back several days ago, I want to make sure there weren’t administrative errors on my form.

Simply a publicized statement of fact.

Multiple choice scores are normally available two weeks after each national test date, but it can sometimes take up to eight weeks.
Writing scores are normally available about two weeks after
your multiple-choice scores.

You might want to work on the thickness of your skin if you think everyone is being condescending to you. :roll_eyes: Particularly since I was not responding to you.

Sorry, all formal complaints must be sent via snail mail. It is, after all, you and your fellow dinosaurs’ favorite mode of communication. :wink:

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