Junior Year Advice?

<p>Hi! I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice for junior year. It would be really helpful if you could talk about topics such as SAT, AP, college aps, etc. and you could also offer personal advice/experience as well. Thank you in advance!</p>

<p>Okay, first, forget specific colleges until the spring. You can play with the idea of certain universities but don't go all out searching. </p>

<p>School. Balance it with social life and sleep. Don't cram stuff at the last minute ESPECIALLY for science APs. The best is cumulative studying which is reviewing the material at home once you learn it in school.</p>

<p>SAT. Depends when your tests will be, but make sure you start practicing at least six weeks before the exam (maybe more if you're reaching for a higher score)</p>

<p>AP exams. Don't cram them, but if you're taking an exam for a throwaway class (ex. AP Language if you're a biology major) then it's not as big of a deal if you bomb it. AP scores barely even affect admissions anyway.</p>

<p>Um, don't procrastinate, and manage your time. My grades have historically been better during my first semesters because most of my time-consuming activities were in that timeframe, forcing me to manage my time.</p>

<p>And finally, chill out. Go out. Party, if you're into it (just don't get a hangover before school days). Enjoy high school.</p>

<p>Depending on how tough your teachers, you will sacrifice sleep. from Soph to Junior year, my bed time went from around 10-11 to 12-3. Of course, that's more towards the middle of the year and the transition is gradual/unnoticeable. Go into the year expecting that you'll have to work hard and be active about getting work done as soon as possible. If you set your expectation for difficulty high, then the year should be as expected or easier. Getting more work is gradual so you won't really feel a thing. Please don't get distracted by an active social life. Of course talk to your friends and hangout, but don't get carried away work is a priority. In America everyone likes to emphasize having a social life over working hard, well don't pay attention to that. SAT, a month or two before the test, do a couple sections from practice books a night. APs you can start reviewing in the last month and should be fine unless the teacher doesn't really teach and you need to teach yourself. Worry about college apps next summer. Make sure your actively involved in some school related activities and try to set yourself up for leadership roles in the clubs your involved in.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice! :) I'm kind of glad that I could worry about collegeaps later, although I already compiled at least a list of schools with my intended major/program (physical therapy). </p>

<p>Don't worry, knowing my school it's almost IMPOSSSIBLE to cram and succeed so I'll make sure to anticipate difficulty and not procrastinate. For SAT and Ap's is it okay to study now? I have a feeling I'll have to self study at least 1 of my Ap's, and I hear the SAT class isn't really good.</p>