Junior Year Classes Advice

Hi CC community,

The time for choosing Junior year classes is coming up so I want to make sure I plan my schedule right as I wasn’t very happy with my sophomore year schedule. My school does a semester wise system and I do go to a competitive high school.

This is what I’m planning on:

1st sem:
1.) AP Calc AB
2.) AP Physics 1
3.) Regular US History
4.)English 11/ AP Lang??

2nd sem:
1.) AP Calc BC
2.) AP Physics 2
3.) AP Comp Sci A
4.) Sculpture (grad requirement) or a free period

What do you guys think in terms of workload and should I take AP Lang?

No required PhysEd or Health classes?

How many years of a foreign language have you completed?

If you’re really required to take Sculpture to graduate, that seems like a better choice than a free period.


I finished my PE creds freshman and sophomore year. I also have completed my 3 years of a foreign language requirement already.

Seems OK then. No one here knows you well enough to tell how challenging/rigorous a schedule you can manage. AP Lit would look better…if you can do well in all of the classes.

Your teachers/counselor/parents have a better view of your abilities, history, etc, and should be able to provide thoughts on an AP-heavy schedule.

Will you have a math class available Senior year? Or are there elective alternatives to save BC for next year?

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AP Lit is a Senior year class and I plan on taking it. I will be talking to my counselor / upperclassman about my schedule as well. Senior year I have quite a few math options: AP Stats, Linear Alg/Calc 3, or Advanced Math Topics.

Here is my junior year Schedule for reference:

AP English Language
AP U.S. History
AP Seminar
Honors Chemistry
Honors Pre-Calculus
Spanish 3

Your classes needed depend on what you want to major in in college, do you have any idea? if so, high level classes in that subject are important.