Just finished 1st semester of freshman year

<p>Hey guys I just finished my 1st semester of my freshman year and I am kinda scared how it is going to affect my college chances. I started off really well with a solid 4.0 but things kinda started to slip here and there.
so i ended off with his.
Criminal law (elective) = A-
PE9 = A
English 9H= extremely hard teacher, somehow probably going to pull an A-
Bio H= easy A
Geo/Alg2= started off with a 95, but screwed up with a few tests consecutively, ended with B+
World History= hard class with 20% final, ended with B
and Spanish 2= A
I feel like those 2 Bs will have a bad impact, considering this is freshman year and things have not even gotten bad yet. Could you guys leave your opinions on how you think it will affect my chances in the future so far.

<p>Yes, it’s true. </p>

<p>I asked my sensei, “What would happen if I ever get a B in a class?”</p>

<p>He said, “Ah young gakusei, you can only go to community college!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!” </p>


<p>-slow clap-</p>

<p>relax and try to enjoy high school</p>

<p>You’re fine; I promise. A couple B’s on your transcript won’t kill you, especially if they’re from freshman year. Also just because your grades aren’t straight A’s this year doesn’t mean they can’t be next year; I took my 3 B’s & couple A’s freshman year and got 95+ in everything sophomore year.</p>

<p>Just out of curiosity, lldm21, even though a couple B’s wont hurt you, what is the difference between a few B’s and a C?</p>

<p>“PE9 = A”</p>

<p>Congratulations. I got a B in this class.</p>

<p>A few B’s won’t hurt you.
Most colleges aren’t very selective, and you were probably never going to go to Harvard or anything like that in the first place. Almost no one is.</p>

<p>The problem is, if you can’t get straight A’s in freshman classes, how are you going to get straight A’s in harder classes later?</p>

<p>“what is the difference between a few B’s and a C?”</p>

<p>This is just my theory, but I think the B’s would show that either
a) your school is very rigorous
b) you’re not so great at that subject, but you tried</p>

<p>A C would show that you were probably not trying as hard as you could have been.</p>

<p>No, quit worrying about your Bs and focus on enjoying high school while getting better grades in the rest of your classes</p>

<p>What Heather said. Generally, a C or below (in high school) indicates that you weren’t trying hard enough, you weren’t taking responsibility for your work (studying, homework), or you weren’t taking all available steps to ensure your success (after school help, tutor, online resources, et cetera). Obviously there are other circumstances that bring about bad grades, but you see my point. B’s, as Heather said, show that you at least tried, or that you had a decent grasp of the subject matter without extended effort.</p>

<p>“I feel like those 2 Bs will have a bad impact, considering this is freshman year and things have not even gotten bad yet.”</p>

<p>Things won’t get bad until college, and that’s only if you pick a hard major. Unless you’re going to be one of those people that takes 10 AP classes per year.</p>

<p><em>sees thread title</em></p>

<p>Thinks to myself: Another one saying that they’ll never get into Harvard with one bad grade? </p>

<p><em>sees thread</em></p>

<p>Me: -_- really?</p>

<p>The people at my school who think I’m a genius who cares about grades should come on here and see the real worriers.</p>

<p>“I started off really well with a solid 4.0”</p>

<p>Lol, doesn’t everyone? </p>

<p>“Another one saying that they’ll never get into Harvard with one bad grade?”</p>

<p>Not to endlessly reiterate this or anything, but most people get rejected from Harvard, bad grades or not. And if someone actually did want to go to Harvard, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to worry about B’s. Freshman grades affect your GPA just as much as the grades any other year. But the OP hasn’t said anything about where they want to go to college.</p>

<p>will it affect my chances to ivies in a very bad way?</p>

<p>In a “very bad” way? Probably not.
But a lot of your competition will have higher numbers, and that’s not going to help you. The Ivies regularly reject people with 4.0 GPAs.</p>