Just two general questions

<li><p>I still haven't heard from housing and I am transferring in the Spring... Time to be concerned or no? Also, any advice on where to start looking for an apartment incase the housing app falls through?(I need cheap.... cheap is the most important thing.)</p></li>
<li><p>How hard are the academics compared to a community college. I've done very well at Houston community College... I have a really good GPA... how much harder will it be at a&m to maintain that level of success?</p></li>

<p>astraylor91... what is your major? Community college is a great place to get your basics out of the way and sometimes basics are killer at A&M.</p>

<p>We both are majoring in Economics, I also have the same question as I will be transfering with 60 hrs from Lone Star CC.</p>

<p>Yojay speaks the truth. I am an Econ major. Yeah community college is an awesome place to start. Especially if you are alittle bit immature coming out of high school like I was. I am really getting nervous I am set to start in a month yet I don't have a room... Anyone have a clue?</p>

<p>I just got an email for off campus, The Lofts at Wolf Pen Creek. it said they have spring openings starting at $450 website is Untitled</a> Document It was emailed to my TAMU account.</p>

<p>Yeah i just saw it to. Pretty good looking I might need to check those out if I don't hear soon. Have you submit your final community college transcript? I need to send that bad boy in do you know where to send it to? I didn't see a link in ais.</p>

<p>astraylor91 - you can do a transcript transfer from your community college web, that is the best way to get it to A&M. You won't see that in ais. If your CC does not do transcript transfers (can't believe they don't) you will have to do it in person by going to your CC and requesting it be transferred to Texas A&M University. A&M wont do this for you....</p>

<p>I would do that but HCC is notoriously bad about screwing stuff like that up.(E.G. my friends transcripts arrived a month late etc.) So I will order one from them and then mail it myself. But I'm not sure where to mail it to. I need a physical address... If you anyone could link me to the page with the address that would be great.</p>

<p>Yes Lone Star is bad at not sending either, yet mine made it, I sent a back up to my house jic. I was told that this copy can be delivered at NSC and that it does not have to be official. Me, I like to cover all bases and went ahead and got an official copy.</p>

<p>one of your documents on AIS is for sending stuff to admissions. I'm pretty sure there iss an address on that form. So print off that document and send it in with your official sealed transcript.</p>