Kelley ACE Notification?

I know ACE emails are supposed to go out soon and was wondering if anyone received one. The website just says that they’ll be sent out in mid-January, and they emails went out starting on the 18th last year.

@AKAkers - not yet that I‘ve heard…

They probably will send them out this week

What is “ACE”? Thanks

ACE is a first year program for Kelley Direct Admits. When my daughter was invited 2 years ago they said the top 4 or 5 % of kids admitted to Kelley were invited. It is limited to about 75 students. …split male/female. They have some ACE activities the first year, are in Kelley Honors classes and are automatically admitted to Kelley Honors for Sophomore year if they keep a 3.8 (I think??) GPA…which probably is the best benefit. No application needed. They also get a peer advisor who was in ACE. No downside but it is a pretty “quiet program”. As an admissions person told my D at Admitted students day…“ACE is like Fight Club…nobody really talks about it but congratulations”. If you or your kid is invited to apply…they should apply.

I guess ACE ship has sailed, haven’t heard anything

Strike that, notifications are out…if anyone in the ACE Program last year has any insight to the process that would be awesome!!

Yes, notifications came out today. Same if anyone has any insight or feedback from the program last year that would really help!

Did anyone receive the ACE notification? We are also waiting …


@SDAD1110 please take a look at my comments a few comments above. My daughter was invited to ACE two years ago and went through the program. The process was easy…I think it was a pretty simple application with an essay and she was accepted. I recall kids coming off of the “ACE waitlist” so I think if after May 1st kids who were accepted did not commit to IU they invited more kids to join. I believe their cohort is about 75 or so and it seemed pretty evenly split between males/females. She was in some small Kelley classes with just ACE kids…just no downside.

This year there are video questions apparently.

@DG, Thank you, how did you receive the ACE notification (via email or at My IU or Mail)?


I received an email two days ago.

Hello everyone. I am currently a Freshman at IU right now and a part of the ACE Program. I was invited to apply on Jan 23 of last year. Ace is definitely a nice program. Some perks are you can take K204 and C106 honors courses with other ACE kids. This means even other Hutton honors college kids are not allowed to join your class. You also are given a mentor. Be sure to use them! They can help a lot. However, by far the biggest perk is automatic admission into the Kelley Honors program if you maintain a 3.7 GPA. This is a big leg up from other applicants who need a 3.7 just to apply and from whom around 30% get accepted after a rigorous process. One last thing, the ACE class has been increased from 75 kids to 96 kids. Good Luck on your application!

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@HelpBot - congrats - how do you like IU, and do you recall any of the questions from the interview?

Has anyone done the ACE interview yet? Am getting ready to do it later in week and curious if others have and what to expect…thanks in advance.

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Did the interview last night for ACE…did anyone else do it?

I was accepted into the ACE program!