Kelley Transfer from Ivy Tech

Currently, I am an Ivy Tech student with a 3.67 GPA. This is my last semester and I am on track to graduate this spring (68 credit hours. I have all A’s in my classes, with the exception of Calculus, which I have a C in. I have heard (IUPUI) Kelley will not let those with a grade lower than a B- in a class into their program, so I am currently at the cross roads.

Should I withdraw from Calculus and retake the class over the summer? Should I just stick it out and pull off a C, then retake the class over the summer? What I’m unsure of is whether or not to a withdraw would look worse than a C/a retake. It is frustrating because I have never received less than a B in my time at Ivy Tech, I’ve made the Dean’s List every semester, but messed up my midterm exam and it looks like it could potentially mess up my future.

If anyone has advice, all ears are open! It looks like I will graduate between a 3.5-3.67 GPA prior to transferring, and the only red flag it looks like is this pesky calculus class. It sort of feels like this one test today might have cost me big. Thank you!