Kelly School of Business grade of C? Still admissible

Curious if anyone knows if an incoming sophomore who is applying to Kelly School of Business can still be admitted with all B’s and 1 C?

What’s the C in?

Kelley is direct admit (for now) with a 3.8 GPA (weighted or unweighted, whichever is on your transcript) and a 1370 SAT or 30 ACT. Depending on how your classes and how they are weighted at your HS, all Bs and a C may not reach a 3.8 weighted.

If you don’t achieve either of the direct admit criteria, you can petition for acceptance. You can also apply to Kelley in spring of your freshman year if you go to IU (provided you take the prescribed classes and do well in them).


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Yes, thank you! Got all that info, son is an incoming sophomore.

Yeah, I don’t know to be honest. I heard that only 2/10 people get in through standard admission, so with a C in econ you’re kinda cutting it close. Most people who get in standard have an A or two I would presume…K201/204 I get is kinda difficult, but they made the exams easier so the average for the exams was ~10% higher than first semester. C104/106 is usually a “gimme” A as well, but there are some bad profs. And Econ depends on who you have, but if you had someone like Paul Graf you got around a letter grade and a half of free extra credit.

I heard they are trying to make the petition process for seniors harder, as there is a lot of overcrowding in Kelley. The new KSG administration is focused on managing the overcrowding as well: I don’t think any of those changes can take effect immediately, but I would imagine it is somewhat difficult than in previous years.

I’m an incoming sophomore so I don’t know much besides what I have heard from Kelley honors advisors. I think in the past that would still be admissible, though.

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Thanks, sorry I missed that. Good luck to your S.

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