Kelly Standard Admission

Hi, I’m currently a senior in high school and I did not get into Kelly. Does anyone know how hard it is to get into Kelly from the pre-business standard admission process and have any advice about it. Thanks!

you could’ve petitioned

i read somewhere that it was kinda hard but still really achievable if you have a good standing in Kelley and with your professors because recommendations are a big part to getting in

I did petition but did not get in.

Do you think it’s worth the risk?

I’m not exactly sure of the risk you’re talking about but Kelley is worth everything tho like I feel if you put your mind to it you’ll definitely get in and it’s not something to give up on because it’s literally quality education at your fingertip.

Suppose I don’t meet the requirements then wouldn’t I have technically just wasted an year?

no cause your still on track to earning a business degree, you do have to work harder for your first year tho

Hi! I was a direct admit, but my roommate was a Pre-Kelley student and dropped out and is now in Luddy. She couldn’t get through BUS-A100 (Basic Accounting Skills) and had the potential to make a B in the course but withdrew before the final exam, so now she can’t be in Kelley. Personally, I think if she tried and believed in herself she would have gotten into Kelley, but it is true that these classes are insane and can extremely stressful at times. I believe you must have a B in every single Kelley class which isn’t too easy, but if you have a very strong work ethic, you can do it. I would say the hardest classes to make a B or higher in are BUS-A100, MATH-M118/119 (Finite/Calc), and some ECON-B251 (Microecon) classes depending on your teacher. As someone who made a B or higher in these courses, this is my advice.

  • Go to office hours and ask questions
  • Never procrastinate on your work. If you do you’ll have a serious burnout and hate college.
  • Be willing to give up doing fun stuff with your friends for the sake of studying or getting a head start on your homework early
  • Kelley exams are intense. You will need to start studying at least a week in advance before the exam and put minimum 2-3 hours a day
  • Take VERY good notes

If you do these things, you will get into Kelley for sure.

This is solid advice.

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Thank you so much for advice! I’m going to take a deeper look into it.

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Of course! Good luck!! I know you WILL get into Kelley!!!