Kennedy-Lugar YES Abroad 2021-22

I didn’t see anything here regarding the Kennedy-Lugar YES Abroad scholarship so I thought I’d kick things off.

Has anyone applied? How was your interview? Did you receive a decision yet?


Nada. So scared. They said early March and its getting into the mids and I’m so so nervous. Anyone else?

Welcome to CC @krummholz37. Not sure what’s going on… decisions may be delayed due to COVID situation. If they push things out any further it may make it harder for children to decide their go-forward direction.

what days have they posted the results before?

It is my understanding that NSLI-Y announces semi-finalist; whereas YES does not. For YES there appears to be some level of consistency… but NSLI-Y has been a complete mess for decisions. Below is a summary the decision releases for the past 3 years:

2020 = March 10 - 2nd Tuesday
2019 = March 11 - 2nd Monday
2018 = March 12 - 2nd Monday

2020 (Chinese) = April 21 - 3rd Tuesday
2019 (Chinese) = April 5 - 1st Friday
2018 (Chinese) = April 13 - 2nd Friday

Hopefully you can draw something from this.

Hey @Necks97 ! Kinda excited to see u here too. The silence from yes abroad is driving me crazy. I’m in a group chat with other applicants and every day we are in pain haha

@mence9048 glad to see you here too!

I’m not aware of the group chat; can you share details? Where are you from? Where else did you apply? PM me separately and we can share details.

Hi! I’m not sure how pm works so i just decided to reply. I tried something but it didn’t look right lol. Anyways, the group chat is on whatsapp and we can totally add you/your daughter if you want. I was a 2020-21 finalist for yes abroad (it got cancelled) and i only reapplied to yes, but a lot of people in the gc have applied to nsliy and cbyx.

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can I get the link to the group chat? I have whatsapp

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yup! I’ll pm you

hey, so I called yes abroad today and they said admissions will be rolling for the rest of the month, BUT there’s a chance they may delay results for another week (which is clownery considering how nsliy results have just started coming, weeks ahead of schedule)


Hi! Do you know if any of the NSLI-Y annual year results have come in? My daughter applied for both YES and NSLI-Y annual year, but hasn’t heard anything yet. It’s hard for us all to gauge whether she should apply for backup options. She will do a gap year next year.

D21 applied to both as well… no feedback on either.


My daughter applied for full year YES and we have heard nothing since the interview…

still nothing. What is going on?? This is affecting all future decisions for everyone who applied. Anyone heard anything?

Heard from someone who talked to an employee for yes abroad on the afs side, that they’re waiting for approval before sending out notifications. lots of ppl are guessing the approval is from the state dept. and maybe because of covid and the new administration, it’s taking longer than usual.

YES decisions were released today!

nice, i got in! How bout you guys?

Congratulations! My daughter found out that she is an alternate and is very excited (she also applied for NSLI-Y). We’re a little curious which countries are accepting students. She’s applying for backup options just in case, but is hoping for NSLI or YES.