Lack of Decision

I understand that Oberlin College released their decisions today, but when I went to check my portal to see if I got in or not, there was nothing there. No acceptance, no rejection, no waitlist, just the same portal I had seen for the past 4 months. Is this a common problem? Is there anyone else experiencing this? And what exactly should I do?

See if anything comes up tomorrow. Shoot admissions an email on Monday, and hope someone from that office is “working from home”.

Just confirming that your portal shows they received all the required application components? If so, I agree with the above advice. Good luck.

@Mwfan1921 They received all required application components. (I wasn’t able to completely fill out the financial aid section yet due to personal things, however).

(Also, I reflexively emailed when I found out the problem. Do I email again on Monday, or just leave it?) @Groundwork2022

I’m not sure about Oberlin, but some schools won’t render a decision if the applicant says they are applying for FA and then doesn’t fill out the FA forms.

Since you already emailed, I would give them Monday to get back to you, then follow up Tuesday if you haven’t heard from anyone.

Good luck.