Lambeth Robberies, Assault

<p>Should we be concerned with the number of robberies and the assault and robbery of a student at Lambeth? Last week a student living near the "corner", was shot in the stomach. Is the administration bumping up security in this area? What is being done for students living in Lambeth? I was at Starbucks (on the corner) Saturday night around 11 and there was a large group of young boys blocking the sidewalk, yelling, and creating chaos. Absolutely no security anywhere! Am I overreacting?</p>

<p>Well, there's always a large group of people on the corner yelling and crap, especially on Saturday night. We've had all our locks changed in Lambeth recently and a bunch of emails about all of this. They haven't specifically said anything about increasing security in the area, though since the events are recent that may be coming soon.</p>

<p>As a Lambeth resident and a UVA student, I am disgusted by the recent incidents. I pray that the Charlottesville police move swiftly to eliminate the influence of the area's more seedy and deleterious influences...</p>

<p>damn townies.</p>