Largest gift ever to a LAC

<p>Surprised no one has started a thread on this yet. Then again, LACs in the south don’t get much attention on CC…</p>

<p>[Centre</a> College In Kentucky Lands $250M Gift, Among Biggest Donation Ever](<a href=“]Centre”></p>

<p>The gift is generous and visionary. This coming fall, Centre will offer SIXTY full rides, unheard of at any other liberal arts college: 10 Brown Fellowships, 10 Posse Scholarships and now 40 Brockman Scholarships. My oldest daughter attends Centre: it’s a lovely place, an exceptional college and a stunning value.</p>

<p>That is awesome! I have only heard good things about the school.</p>

<p>Fascinating, thanks for sharing. It looks like the new influx of money will fund scholarships for STEM students. I’m wondering if that might free up other merit funding for students not interested in STEM?</p>

<p>We noticed, DS was already interested but this puts Centre in a whole new category. Total risk applying for something brand new, no idea if he is even in the ballpark, but this looks like something too good to pass on.</p>

<p>It seems the fellowships are not yet ready for prime time.</p>

<p>[Centre</a> College and Brockman Trust discontinue discussions Rregarding new scholarship program](<a href=“]Centre”></p>

<p>That’s too bad. It would have raised Centre’s profile dramatically.</p>