Lawrenceville Help!!

<p>Hey guys i need some insight on Lawrenceville i want to knwo more about the personal experiences of some ppl or just some more nfo on lawrenceville athletics and academics because I am going to be going there next year as a soph so i was just wondering if u guys had any insight....thanks in advance</p>

<p>anyone have any info and i was also wondering if anyone else is going to L'ville as well</p>

<p>read the student reviews
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<p>hah thanks dazzlezz but i already looked at those but thanks anyway</p>

<p>My D too was accepted at L'ville as a 9th grader. We did a visit in the late fall and loved the campus. We learned that the life on campus would be very good for our D. If she decides to go, she would stay in the 9th grade dorm. You, on the other hand, would stay elsewhere. I suggest you research their house system. It is unique and one that many say is special about the L'ville experience.</p>

<p>Their athlethic program is very strong. Their appears to be a push for sports on campus which my D really likes. She is a 3 sports participant and is loving forward to bonded with teams. We got the since that L'ville's sports team are very close. </p>

<p>Have you visited L'ville?</p>

<p>yea i have visited it its rlly nice plus its humongous which is always cool....ya im a three sport person too...hoping to meet the lax coach on the revisit day and maybe the bball and fball coach as welll.....
is ur daughter revisiting, if so when??</p>

<p>Yes, we are heading to L'ville and to the other two schools during revisit week. Alot of hotel rooms and fligts in one week. I am not sure of the dates, but we are ready to get this decision made!</p>

<p>where else was ur daughter accepted to and where else did she apply</p>

<p>She applied to and was accepted at Andover, L'ville and Episcopal.</p>

<p>ooo congratss....mine was rejected at andover, waitlisted at deerfield and exeter, and then accpeted to Choate and L'Ville....pretty excited about the revisit days</p>