Leadership Application?

<p>What is the distinction of Allegheny's "Leadership Application"? D just received one in the mail last week but it doesn't seem to offer anything particularly different than any other way to apply. Does one need such an application to be entitled to compete for the Trustee's Scholarship?</p>

<p>I read about this application in an older CC thread about ED:</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/allegheny-college/831231-early-decision.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/allegheny-college/831231-early-decision.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>... but it didn't really explain what it was.</p>


<p>My D received a Leadership Application last year and then chose not to use it. I called admissions about it, and at the time they said that it just tracks the strongest students who might be eligible for a Trustee Scholarship. She received quite a nice Trustee Scholarship without the Leadership Application, and she is very, very, very happy as a freshman there this year.</p>

<p>If you are wondering, I suggest that you just call admissions. You will talk to a very friendly assistant (student or adult) who can give you the most recent information.</p>

<p>Thanks limulus. D is working on the application now. Allegheny sent a rep (Katie Meyer) to her school this week to meet with seniors. We spoke with Katie during our visit on August 19th. Glad to hear your D is happy there. My D is hoping to study Bio for pre-med or pre-vet. What is your D studying?</p>

<p>My D is thinking about chemistry or biology, but she is not pre-med. </p>

<p>She loves her freshman seminar. She thinks her other classes are ok. She loves her hall. The boys on the hall above her sometimes get too noisy. She gets along with her roommate. She loves her professors. She has gone to talk with her advisor several times and has received good advice or answers to whatever questions she asked (not sure there). The cafeteria is ok, but the potatoes aren't as good as the ones from home (also good, because she has a reason to come home). All-in-all, she is having a good experience.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply. My D is also applying to Ga.Tech where she would be a legacy. Not sure which is the best fit for her ... and to me, that's what it's all about. Glad all is well with your D & she is getting settled. We found the dining hall food (Henderson) to be just "fair" but there is another place to eat near the dorms. Speaking of which, did your D get her pick of dorms?</p>

<p>My D got her first choice of dorms, but then found out that many of her classmates made different dorm choices based on different criteria and rumors. She is happy with her dorm choice, but I think she would have been happy in any of the dorms. They all seem just as nice as any other, according to her reports of visits to new friends in other dorms.</p>

<p>She also got her first (or second) choice of freshman seminars. She likes the professor who will be her advisor for the next year or so. She likes the class and the challenge of thinking in new ways.</p>

<p>My D seems to think that responding early to inquiries after acceptance was the key to getting first (or almost first) choices. Apparently her hall mates who waited until the last minute did not get their first choice. However, these are students on her hall, which was her first choice. So, I am not sure first choice really means much in this case.</p>

<p>Allegheny is just a great "fit" for her. She is interested and excited about learning for the first time in years and years. She has plenty of social activities with classmates who seem to be interested in the same kinds of things.</p>

<p>D tells me she doesn't really have a problem with the food in the cafeteria -- just the potatoes which are not like the ones at home. She has some favorites, and she likes the atmosphere and socializing in the cafeteria. My guess is that ALL cafeteria food everywhere gets tiring after a while and some things will never be as good as home.</p>

<p>Great info. Will def. share with my D. Her application will be sent this week. Thank you very much & best of luck to you and your D.</p>

<p>My DD returned her Leadership Application in October, heard this week from Allegheny with an acceptance and Trustee Scholarship offer of $20K/year. I suspect that Allegheny wants to make sure the strongest applicants are offered scholarships as early as possible, as I'm sure at some point the money runs out.</p>

<p>valereee - my DD received her acceptance letter from Allegheny just before Thanksgiving. Ten days later she was also awarded the full Trustee Scholarship. She is thrilled about Allegheny but must decide between their generous offer and ones from Georgia Tech (Biology) and U.Pitt (Nursing). Is Allegheny the first choice of your D? Now the waiting begins for the colleges ... to see how many applicants accept.</p>

<p>YellowJacket, Allegheny is a safety school for my DD. It's a good choice for her, and if she ends up there I think she'll be very happy there, but she's awaiting her ED I decision from her first choice. With any luck she'll hear tomorrow.</p>

<p>valereee - How did your daughter fare with her ED application? Is Allegheny College still a possibility for her?</p>

<p>Yellow Jacket, she was accepted and offered their top merit scholarship -- sounds like the same your daughter was offered -- which was so very gratifying. Allegheny is a safety school for her, but it's a place I believe she could be very happy. And it would certainly be among the least expensive choices for us, as many of the schools she's looking at don't offer any merit aid at all. And it doesn't hurt that it's one of the closer schools to home! :) Many of the schools she's looking at are a plane ride away.</p>

<p>Is your DD still waiting for some of her decisions? Mine will be waiting until March or April for many.</p>

<p>Hi Valeree - My DD has received all her notifications back: Pitt/Nursing, Ga.Tech (biology) and Allegheny (biology). For what I expect will be the Fall 2012 tuition, Allegheny has come in slightly less than Pitt/Nursing and about $10k less than OOS at Ga.Tech. Now the colleges must wait on us as WE decide about them.</p>

<p>I got the impression your DD applied ED elsewhere (her first choice)? Did she hear back from her first choice school yet?</p>

<p>Got accepted to Allgeheny. Just got the letter in the mail today, but no mention of merit aid. Personalized letter though.</p>

<p>Congratulations early_college!</p>

<p>If I recall, the scholarship letter was sent separately, about a week or 10 days after the letter of acceptance. Is Allegheny one of your top choices?</p>

<p>Thanks! Allegheny is in the middle of the pack, if I get a good financial aid offer then it may be in the running. They did add a personalized message including, "As were reviewing your admission credentials, E_C, we noted your involvement in theatre productions. No doubt you realize that such participation, while requiring a commitment of time and energy, provides you with satisfaction and enjoyment. Likewise, it appears to have had a positive effect on both your personal and academic sucesses in high school. College life will offer you similar opportunities and we are sure you will take advantage of them."</p>

<p>My daughter finally sent in everything for her leadreship application. Allegheny is her first choice school and the last appication to be finalized. I wondered out loud if there was some psychological aspect to this, she says no, just logistics. Not sure about that but happy it is in. I think they are a great match for each other and that Allegehny would benefit from having her (ok ok, I know that sounds biased but she is #2 in her relatively high performing class) and that she would benefit from having them. We'll see how it goes!
Anybody know what the general time wait is to hear if you are accepted via the leadership app?</p>

<p>Icebat - my DD sent in her Leadership Application on October 11th and received a very nice, personalized letter of acceptance on November 23rd. You may hear back sooner than we did since Allegheny's ED deadline (Nov.15th) has already passed. The school is a perfect match for my DD who is interested in pre-health and will major in Biology. It's also very close to us in Pittsburgh. What is your DD's intended major? Please let us know about your DD's application progress. Wishing you both the best possible luck !!!</p>


<p>My daughter's leadership application was finalized on December 15th and she received her acceptance yesterday (January 6th). Allegheny was the first school we visited and we were very impressed! However, my daughter is gravitating toward larger, more urban choices at this point, so I don't think Allegheny will make the final cut. It's a beautiful place, though--congrats to your daughter YellowJacket76!</p>

<p>can I assume that if I received the Leadership application that I will be accepted?</p>