Learning Disabled Student

<p>My son is a junior with a Learning Disability. He takes regualr college prep courses and hovers between a B and C average. Passionate about history, politics and archeology. He is an Eagle Scout, Cross Country Runner, and Captain of Speech Team. Wants to go to 4 year school - not interested in trade school. Where do we look for Schools with LD Programs?</p>

<p>I believe all schools by law have programs to help students in your son's situation. Every college I have visited/attended has an office that assists disabled students.</p>

<p>He's an Eagle Scout! Don't worry; he's already an accomplished winner! </p>

<p>BIG! BIG!! TIME!!! </p>


<p>The Eagle Scout rank recognition is widely appreciated. Congrats to you for having such a fine son!! (sorry for the too many “!”’s, but Eagle Scouts deserve it).</p>

<p>There is a book by Peterson that deals with schools for kids with Learning Disabilities. I can recommend Fairleigh Dickenson in NJ, which was rated in the top three in the country for LD kids. My son goes there and loves it. He is doing really well too. They provide lots of tutoring, and they teach compensating skills. I highly recommend that you look at the school. If you want, I can have my son Jeremy give you a private tour.</p>

<p>There are several catalog type guides (K&W is a big one) that attempt to review the types of support available at every college. Not really all that useful; they tend to be very generic, although I guess they can serve as a very basic starting point. Also, depending on the level of support needed by your son and the overall strength of his application you may want to take a look at Loren Pope's book, Colleges That Change Lives. Most of the (40) schools he profiles in the book are not highly selective, they are very small and they provide a high level of support to all their students.</p>

<p>(We looked at FDU recently. Didnt get the fullblown tour tho)</p>

<p>Muskingam College - PLUS program</p>