LECOM Early Assurance Program Affiliated Schools

My daughter is planning to apply to LECOM’s EAP (3+4) but not sure which affiliated program would be better for undergrad. Two relatively closer to home options are St. Mary’s University in San Antonio (TX) and Maryville University in St Louis (MO). Some extended family will be closer to John Carroll University in Cleveland (OH) and University of Detroit Mercy (MI). Does anyone have experience with any of these programs? Any to avoid?

Of these, John Carroll is a good undergrad experience (cool area of Cleveland, which is a city with far more cultural offerings than people often realize). Other may be able to comment on the other schools.

Any updates who gave an interview in mis January for LECOM EAP program?

hi i did my interview on 2/26 but i still havent gotten any update. what about you?

im also planning on doing the 3+4 track at Elmhurst in Illinois. has your daughter gotten any information on her application status?

Got in and doing her ug from USF and she choose 4+4 years program

thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
how long did it take for her to get a response after her interview?

Thank u, it took 3 and 1/2 weeks to get back after an interview done, but u should call them for updates

actually i just looked at my application status and it says: “Once we are notified by the affiliated undergraduate school that you have made final arrangements to matriculate, we will send your provisional letter of acceptance to LECOM.” so i guess im in too!! thank you so much for your help tho:)

My D has been accepted in Syracuse for Fall 2021. She didn’t apply to LECOM EAP program through common app. Is it too late to start LECOM EAP application? If not, what is the procedure?


you have to apply through their portal here Home | LECOM Portal
im not sure if it is too late to apply for this year but im pretty sure you can apply until you have two years left of undergrad, so if she wants to do the 3+4 track she can apply next year too and if she wants to do the 4+4 track she can apply her sophomore year.
it explains it better here tho https://lecom.edu/academics/early-acceptance-program/

Thank you for the information. I just submitted an inquiry through the LECOM Portal for my D. Let’s see what happens.
I looked at the list of affiliated schools and there are tons of schools in the list. I never heard of some of those school names. Do you or anyone know about the selectivity and quality of the LECOM EAP and LECOM in general ?


I applied to Binghamton Lecom… I interviewed exactly a month ago and haven’t heard anything.

I don’t even know who I should email and which number I should call for the EAP admissions. Does anyone know?

@NDA2021 , did you hear back from LECOM after your inquiry submission? I have heard the inquiry is just a very basic questioner. Also, it is my understanding that you can apply to LECOM before you apply to feeders.

@livelifeokay , any updates for you?