LEEP Presidential Scholarship vs. Other Merit Scholarships

Any current students or alumni or parents or others able to answer this question about Clark University:

If you applied Early Action and specified your interest in the Presidential LEEP Scholarship, might you be offered another scholarship with your acceptance letter if you are admitted early action? Or do you not get any other offers in the interim on the chance that you might get a Presidential LEEP, until they decide about the LEEP?

Good question. When my D was accepted, she was offered the merit award along with the acceptance. There was a separate app for the LEEP scholarship that she needed to apply for by a certain date. I am guessing that if accepted, your child would be awarded the merit and that they would say it would be replaced should the LEEP be awarded. Not sure, though. I found Clark was very helpful and so I would just call admissions and ask.

Yes, good question. DS received his acceptance today to Clark, along with the merit award. The acceptance does state that more info. will be coming in December with his official package, so I’m wondering if there will be info. for LEEP in there. Who knows. I love this school for him…we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

@kjs1992 — Congratulations! Was that EA or ED?

Acceptance today! So early. When did your son apply? My daughter applied EA, hitting send on October 22.

@TheGreyKing : EA. I literally had to force him to look at this school. We did a drive through last fall and he refused to even get out of the car (I went to a college in a crummy neighborhood - this didn’t bother me in the least). He’s an athlete and the sport he does is perfect for him here. So, after a lot of cajoling, I talked him into reaching out to the coach. Finally he acquiesed and said ok to head up for a tour/meet the coach in the Spring. On our way there, he was doom and gloom like, “When I meet the coach do I tell him that I’m not applying?” Me, “Just go on the tour”. On the tour, his eyes lit up. After meeting coach, even more. Huh. Who would’ve thunk :wink: ? Only saw that sparkle with one other school and it’s between Clark and that school for him. Honestly, out of all the schools we looked at, this one had the NICEST kids as ambassadors in Admissions and just a super welcoming feel. I loved it - it seems like a really special place.

@MomOutWest he applied 10/10, guidance supplementals went out on 10/23. Super fast turnaround!

agree-such a friendly campus and congrats!

@kjs1992 Thanks for the scoop and congrats to your DS!!

When will we hear from this scholarship?

The LEEP semi finalist letter came shortly after acceptance via email and said admissions will be reading the submissions in February. From reading past threads, the finalists (15?) are notified by March in past years. Hope this helps.

@manykids2000 -Thank you and congratulations. We never found out about LEEP or admission because my son withdrew his application to Clark in early December after he got into Williams College early decision.
Clark is also a great school, and the LEEP is an amazing opportunity.
Good luck!

@TheGreyKing I saw that- congrats-what a wonderful school…I have loved reading your reviews and posts! I always seem to agree and feel the same about every place you have commented on :slight_smile:

Thanks, @manykids2000 ! Best of luck!