Legacy letter for OOS

Did any out-of-state legacy receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your application this year? We got one a couple of years ago when my oldest son applied (he got in). We have nor gotten one this year for our current applicant? I wonder if they know he is a legacy or whether they are not sending them out this year?

The Common App asks students if their parent(s)/guardian went to college and where. :slightly_smiling_face:

I imagine we’ve dropped those letters. As the applicant pool grows, there is a lot more work for the processing team (the same team that prints, folds, stuffs, and mails letters) just to get applications ready to read.

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Thank you! I know y’all are busy (:flushed:) and appreciate the quick response!

My daughter (now a second year) did when she applied 2 years ago.