Legal action against school

<p>Hello everybody,</p>

<p>Please read this; I desperately need your advice.
I'm a 3rd yr international student in a medium sized school in Canada (certainly not one of the top, but 200 yrs old) “Sick” does not even begin to describe how I feel about this school. I’ll try to leave my feelings aside and tell you how things work at this school, and please tell me what you would do in my situation.
Some of the things this school has done to me:
• In my second year (I studied the first 2 years at another Canadian college that was affiliated with this school) they decided to make major changes to the curriculum…. And apply them to everybody, including current students. This cost me 1.5 years to complete (one year doing the new courses and 6 months convincing the embassy that I still haven’t finished my 2 year program)… Anyway, by the time I was supposed to be graduating, I finally got accepted in the third year.</p>

<p>• One of the third year courses turned out to be a course I took at the old school and got an A.. I applied for equivalency and it was accepted. I have to say that the secretary responsible for the department is an extremely, extremely, rude person.</p>

<p>• My academic experience in this university was rather terrible:</p>

<p>We had one professor who consistently spread pure misinformation, and would argue with the entire class about it (If there are engineering students here I can give some examples – at points this seemed funny and sad at the same time)</p>

<p>We had another professor who bombarded us with insane prelab requirements for a relatively easy course , so you would be staying until 3 AM working on his prelabs, leaving us no time to study for other courses. Also, his marking of finals just didn’t make sense. </p>

<p>And finally, we had a professor who is a complete liar:
- At one point he gave us an assignment where one problem was mistaken in the book. I discovered this too late. I sent him an email (after it was due)– no response. I talked to him about it At first, he told me he did read my email , but he insisted that the assignment is okay, and it must have been a mistake in my algebra, and that NO ONE MENTIONED IT TO HIM ! After some time, he agreed to actually open the book and see it. He found out that it was mistaken and gave me the marker’s info so I can tell him to give me the marks for this problem. I’ll come back to this guy later.
Anyway, after the term was finally over, my results were out:
- The course for which I applied for equivalency (which I depended on as a gpa booster) appeared nowhere on my transcript, no mention of it whatsoever
- My marks for the courses were pretty much along the average, except for the 2 courses I took with the liar, he gave me a D on one course (average grade: B) and an F for the other (Average grade: B-).
Needless to say, my term gpa was very low and resulted in an Academic dismissal.
I tried to talk to the liar, and guess what, I found out my marks for the assignment were not added as promised, he DENIED that he told me he’ll give me tha marks back, he claimed that so many students asked him about this error and he corrected it for them. And when I reminded him that HE HIMSELF gave me the TA’s information, he retracted again and said it’s up to him. This increased my total grade by 1% but was still an F (48).
By the time I knew that this guy was such a liar, accompanied with the fact that I thought I did good on the final, I applied for a reassessment of my final exam, more than a month ago. They haven’t done a thing about it ever since.
I also contacted several people by email politely explaining the issue with untransfered course (in which I got an A), and that my transfer request was approved but not acted upon, no response whatsoever. One representative asked me to send her my id and then no response whatsoever (just nothing at all – not positive and not negative) I even contacted the associate dean, they don’t say anything back.
The only thing they sent me was notification of academic dismissal and that I’m required to take courses (completely unrelated to my field) until the dismissal is over, and then apply again (without confirmation of acceptance)
At this point I was considering legal action against this school, but I’m not sure if it is any good.</p>

<p>What would you do if you were in my shoes? I don’t want to transfer somewhere else because it will cost me even more time to graduate.</p>

<p>You are blaming everyone else for your failure. </p>

<p>Hi TomSrOfBoston
I appreciate your input, but if I may ask, why do you think so?</p>

<p>My point is that according to the course work I have done, I should be in good standing. They did not count my highest grade.</p>

<p>Also, I have good reason to be suspicious of my lower grades, and I made a formal request that my finals be remarked, and paid the appropriate fee, and my request was ignored.</p>

<p>Why don’t you contact a real lawyer (i.e. not someone on CC). They can probably advise you better. </p>