Legally Blonde essay

Another topic that i would like to write about in my essay is about how the movie “Legally Blonde” inspired me, and how it’s connected to my life. Is this too cliche? i believe it sounds like it but the way i did a draft didn’t sound that cliche to me, but please is this topic too eh? should the essay be more professional?

I love that movie, but it’s very old. It was filmed in 2001 which likely was before you were born. It’s a fun movie, but not a classic.

I think there must be some other topic…how would this relate to you?

If there is a sentence along the lines of “Legally Blonde made me realize that Harvard is my dream school,” start over.


OP it’s your essay and if it has meaning for you go for it! Sometimes you just gotta say…

Alternatively if targeting Princeton you may enjoy Tom Cruise in Risky Business for inspiration.


Or if Stanford…use In the Heights.

I like the idea and think you could make it stand out. The purpose of the essay is to show you can write, have good grammar, can get the reader to see you at the school. They don’t really care if your name is Elle or if your favorite color is pink, but can you make them believe it is?

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I’m going to amend my initial comment. Your essay is really supposed to convey your voice…so the adcoms can have a sense of YOU. If you can do that using this movie as a springboard, go for it.

An Elle Woods quote is one of my favorite lines from any movie ever and has inspried me for the past 20 years:


Elle Woods was supposed to go to Stanford.

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OP: The questions that you asked cannot be answered unless one reads a draft of your essay.


But please do not post your essay here!!


Any topic can work if you can pull it off. I think the movie may actually be quite memorable to the 40 year old senior admissions officers.

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The funny thing is that most of the campus scenes in the movie are filmed at SoCal schools. UCLA is one and I think maybe USC.

To the OP: my kids and I love this movie too. It’s about being unapologetically yourself. I think you could write a good essay with the movie as your springboard. Just don’t write only about the movie.


Honestly any topic, even if cliche, can make a great essay. It all just has to due with how you approach the subject and convey personal meaning. It’s hard to tell you whether this is a good topic or not without reading the content. I definitely think you can make the topic work in a funny yet insightful way.

The OPs essay would be written by now.

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