Lehigh Diversity weekend

<p>Hi. Looking through the Lehigh information package of the diversity weekend made me wonder how many parents are planning to attend part of this weekend with their sons or daughters? </p>

<p>If anyone has attended this in the past, please any insight into it? </p>

<p>The information explains parents are welcome to stay until Sat after the dinner. It also states that the school offers a Candidates' Day on both Friday and Sat, but no more about what the student is to do the rest of the day. The weekend officially starts Sat at 1:00 for registration. So to attend Friday's Candidates day, the student must arrive Thursday??? Please if any parents have gone to this in the past year or have a son or daughter who have, please pass on any information that maybe helpful. i am unsure about it all.</p>

<p>Hello anyone???</p>

<p>If you post this on the Lehigh thread (in the "Colleges" board), you might get more responses.</p>

<p>(Sorry, i'm not going - my kid is at Lafayette. Go Pards!)</p>

<p>Sorry, Sammy...Lafalum84 is correct, you may get a response over on the Lehigh page. I can speak from experience and say that we/son did not attend. </p>

<p>Go Engineers! haha...</p>

<p>Laxmom, I believe Lehigh's mascot was changed to the Mountain Hawk. I guess they got tired of having a geeky guy with tape on his glasses and a slide rule prowling their sidelines (jk). </p>

<p>Lafayette didn't need to change our mascot, haha. Go Leopards!</p>

<p>I did post it on the Lehigh site as well... Guess maybe no one is very insterested in attending...</p>

<p>Well, maybe no one from CC, but that's a small percentage of people.</p>