Lehigh Waitlist 2024

Anyone else?

I was also waitlisted.

Waitlisted also.

SAT 1490
ACT 33
GPA 3.8
Participated in Theater, Track and Field, Speech and debate, band and extensive service hours

Only thing i can come up with is that i didn’t visit.

SAT 1350
4.0 UW GPA
Published Writer/Journalism EC’s
volunteer work is kinda eh (which probably explains the WL)

Yes!! So confused

ACT: 34
GPA: 4.4
Top 5 in my class of 300 kids
Great ECs and essays and recs (All state French horn, two jobs, lots of volunteering, president of two clubs, tutoring, i teach music lessons to kids)

I didn’t visit or show interest I guess?

ACT 32
top 20% of a competitive class
really good ecs
essays were definitely mediocre

S was waitlisted.
ACT 30
Weighted gpa 4.3
Mostly Honors, IB and AP classes, STEM pathway major. 4 years in same sport, captain of team, 3 varsity letters, good community service. Did not interview but did visit. Applied for engineering. Got into several other excellent schools for engineering- Stevens, RPI, Lafayette, Penn State, Rutgers, Rowan and some with good merit offers. Looks like Lehigh is off our list but not worried because thankfully we have several other options.

interest is super important for Lehigh. Visit, interview and contact with regional AO. if you want to get off waitlist…show interest.

The bitter reality is you cannot count on being admitted from the waitlist… in fact it is highly unlikely with literally thousands being put on the list. So even if Lehigh was your #1 choice, consider it a rejection and plan to commit to your next best by May 1st (National Commitment Day) so you have a guaranteed spot somewhere. Waitlist admits are generally not decided until after May 1st when schools know who committed to them, and often run into June as they wait to hear back from those offered spots. By then it will be too late to commit elsewhere.

Secondly, if you read the waitlist FAQ’s, Lehigh waitlist admissions are “need-aware”, meaning if you need financial aid that WILL factor into the decision. (Lehigh is “need-blind” only for regular first-year admissions). You know what that means… most likely only full-pay students will be offered spots. Also no merit aid to waitlisted students. So be aware of this before you accept a spot on the waitlist.

I also think schools like Lehigh use the waitlist as a “soft” rejection, especially for legacies. It gives the waitlisted students (false) hope, and does not seem as harsh as an outright rejection to otherwise qualified applicants. They don’t want to offend parents of legacies and therefore jeopardize future contributions.

Best of luck to all no matter where you ultimately decide to go.

How many people get off the wait list varies a lot based on year. The 69 number was true for 2018. My year more than 50% got accepted from the wait list. If you want to go to Lehigh definitely accept the position on the wait list.

Interesting, what year were you? If you don’t mind me asking.

My D was waitlisted. I am Lehigh '91 so think you are right in the “soft rejection” to legacies. It was the school for me for sure but it’s not for her. She was just happy she didn’t get outright rejected :smile:

For the 2019-2020 CDS, Lehigh accepted over 50% of students that accepted their positions on the waitlist. In previous years, it’s not that high, but still.

A lot of top tier schools are moving to the trend of wait listing anyone they think won’t attend. This is because all schools want to look like they have a low acceptance rate for prestige. This actually happened to my friend. He had his high school call and basically say what the fuc*: they let him in. If your school wouldn’t do that, 100 percent send a letter of indent showing that Lehigh is your top (if it is). Good luck.

pandagirl567, that’s pretty cool that 50 percent were taken off the waitlist last year. Where did you find this out?

Google “Lehigh Common Data Set” and look at last year’s waitlist statistics.

Got waitlisted. Previously attended a summer camp and took a college course from Lehigh (which I completed with an A.) I would say that my essays were pretty good and showed that I really was interested in attending. I’m also a legacy and my sister graduated with honors. My stats weren’t the best, but they got me into some really high ranked schools.
1270 SAT
4.3 GPA
Letter of recc. from a professor at Lehigh
Already have around 15 college credits
Fingers crossed I get in!

Anyone know when waitlist decisions are released?

Hi! Possible stupid question, but should a letter of interest be emailed within the actual body of the email, or should it be attached as a file? Thanks.

@pandagirl567 Typically you should handwrite or print a copy then mail it; however, the administrators are not currently at Lehigh due to Corona so it would be best to email them.