Les Miserables

<p>I want my Classics Book Club to read this book unfortunately it's vast and I'm not sure I'll catch their interest and they probably won't read it but I really want to discuss this book because it's one of the most vitally imp. classical books of any Future. I cried so many times and I love this book. </p>

<p>Any ideas?</p>

<p>I suggest watching the movie.</p>

<p>Divide the movie into sections, watching it in perhaps two or three club meetings.</p>

<p>lol, but then it loses the whole point of a "book club".</p>

<p>The original poster suggested that people might not read the book because of its length.</p>

<p>If the original poster really wanted to share the book, I just thought that watching the movie would be the only way to go.</p>

<p>He/she probably wants to share other books throughout the year.</p>

<p>This just seems like the only solution.</p>

<p>abridged version</p>

<p>I loved it.</p>

<p>and the ambitious ones can read the real version</p>

<p>Nooo, the movie absolutely butchers the book. I suggest giving the option of abridged or unabridged versions, and have you meeting dates at the end of each subbook rather than page number so you can make sure that everyone's in the same place.</p>

<p>The musical is the best musical in the world. I actually read the book twice in English and countless times in Chinese. My favorite character is Marius Pontmercy, how about you guys?</p>