Liberal arts education at a non-liberal arts college

I am due to start at ASU this fall 2023 as a biological sciences major, however I am highly inclined towards a liberal arts education. At ASU, is there a chance that I might get a really good liberal arts education?
My future plan is to do my masters in fields such as international relations, etc. at one of the top universities in the world, and I am ready to work hard for it. Will an education at ASU suffice the standards these highly ranked universities have? Please let me know.

What do you mean by liberal arts education? If it’s just exposure to other areas besides your major you can get that at any US colleges. Most colleges have Gen Ed requirements that cover many different subject areas. In addition, your major will not take up every available slot in your schedule so you can take varied courses in other subjects that interest you.

Why are you being a biology major if you want to go into international relations?

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If you would like to design a core course of study in the traditional liberal arts, then consider suitable courses in fields and topics such as classics/philosophy, religious studies, political theory (government, sociology), literature and history. To expand further, consider courses in areas such as studio art, geosciences and astronomy (or in comparably diverse fields of personal interest).

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The BS in Biological Sciences at ASU is in their College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Many people use college and university interchangeably. However, a university is really a collection of colleges, schools, centers,….

Okay thank you so much everyone!
@me29034 I applied as a biology major because I like biology as well, but it’s more of a secondary interest

ASU can get you into any grad school in America.

If you want a Masters in IR, you’d have to see what another school wants at the undergrad level major wise. Or go for an MPA.

But ASU or not won’t matter.

ASU has offerings in the usual liberal arts subject areas. Choose the ones of interest for your general education requirements and free electives.

Oh okay. Thank you everyone for your help!

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