Likely Letters?

<p>Today I got a likely letter dated the 14th!
I had never heard of Brown doing this and I was curious if anyone else out there got one?</p>

<p>I'm not an athlete either, at least not at the recruitment level.</p>

<p>S2 received one today. Not athletic at all.</p>

<p>wow, congratulations! I'm extremely jealous me being deferred and all but I'm sure you guys deserved it! So do you plan to matriculate?</p>

<p>just got my likely letter in the mail today! (not an athlete)</p>

<p>can you guys post your stats? Also, did any of you aply for PLME?</p>

I was 800M 700CR 730W
800 Math 2 790 Chem 720 Physics/Lit
34 ACT
Good ECs, I do what I love and try to do it well, nothing world class though lol.
I didn't have any particular hook, but I've had a very good teacher/counselor/student relationship.</p>

<p>I haven't been on any overnights yet, but I really think Brown is my top choice!
Hope this helps anyone who may be awaiting one!</p>

<p>Those who received letters, where are you guys from? I know some schools sent out likely letters or early notifications for students farther away (giving them more time to plan visits, etc).</p>

<p>Just wondering if that was a factor.</p>

<p>I'm from Maine, so not too too far really.</p>

<p>one from california here.</p>

<p>from NJ (private school)</p>

800M 760CR 730WR
800M2 800Chem 720Lit</p>

<p>rank 2/57
12 APs
lots of ECs, with concentration in math/science stuff
i'm not too special though as i was deferred from Yale</p>

<p>watchyourstep ^^^ I don't understand why you wouldn't think you are special. Being deferred from Yale is certainly not indicative of being sub par. In fact, there are often kids who are rejected from Brown and accepted to Yale. Moreover, there are kids who are accepted to both but choose Brown. Be happy about it. You're implying that Brown is inferior to Yale when, in fact, they are simply very different schools of the highest calibur.</p>

<p>from Ohio (large public school, never had anyone go to brown probably or even accepted maybe)
800M 800CR 800W
800M2 800BioM 790USH</p>

<p>rank 2/804ish
lot's of EC's though nothing too spectacular
just took the Bio olympiad semifinal exam today lol, killer
I was accepted EA to Yale</p>

<p>mad impressive stats</p>

<p>CProspect - My thoughts exactly.</p>

<p>It's a shame she/he is this kind of person:</p>



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<p>Only on CC would people be more focused on likely letters than acceptance letters.</p>

<p>billyman, are you a URM?</p>

<p>From Canada, non-athlete, public school in the suburbs</p>

<p>800M 800CR 790W
800Math2 800BioM 800Chem
Lots of EC's, nothing too special
A handful of regional and national awards
Sent in a supplementary art portfolio</p>

<p>Got a likely yesterday... made me soooooo happy!!! :D</p>

<p>i am very jealous :)
good luck everyone!</p>