Lincoln Center vs. Rose Hill

My D was accepted EA to Lincoln Center. It is unclear to us how this impacts the Fordham
experience. Do LC students spend any time at Rose Hill campus or are they completely separate experiences? If you are accepted to LC can you live on or take classes at Rose Hill? Thanks.

LC & Rose hill are night and day. LC Is a high rise building in midtown Manhattan. Rose Hill is a gated community in the Bronx. They are 25 minutes apart via the Ram Van and/or train. Students can and often do take classes on both campuses, best of both worlds. RoseHill has all of the sports facilities so the football games, basketball games etc are big part of the Rose Hill campus. LC Students and Rose Hill student do interact if THEY put effort into sharing both campuses. With that said, my son spent 4 years on Rose Hill and has close friends from LC. It really is what you your D makes of it. Fordham is your college, NY is your campus.