Link troubles, anyone?

Many of the breadcrumb links are malfunctioning today. Keep trying to return to forum home and getting a new tab with niche opening up…anyone else?


That’s really odd - can you give me more detail about which links you’re clicking on? If you’re able, a screenshot would be helpful too. Thanks!

Well, I apparently deployed the tried and true method of “fixing” (not being able to replicate) an issue - I reported it :rofl: I truly was having this happen but it seems to have righted itself. Maybe the issue was local to my browser.

My kids are infuriated when they ask me to fix something on their computers and it “magically” goes away as soon as I approach. Of course, I take credit for it, knowing full well that merely reporting it fixes 50% of computer problems (the other 50% is solved by rebooting :rofl: ).

That said, let me know if it returns…