List of good universities preferred by Nepalese with average Stats

Can Nepalese in this forum share the names of few good universities which are top choices? I am looking for universities for students with average Stats.

Looking unis for STEM

Define “good universities”
Define “average stats”

Also, do you need financial aid?

All these things are relevant and necessary in order to give useful suggestions.

Significant financial aid for an international student with “average stats” is very hard to come by. You will easily find places who will give you a couple thousand dollars, but when your cost of attendance is $50,000 to $70,000, it is a drop in the bucket.

IBDP: 41/45 (predicted grade)
SAT: 1295

Yes good financial aid is must or else impossible to manage fees
Subject: Computer Science with Co-op program

Your SAT is on the low side for CS applicants to US colleges. CS is a very popular major right now. As I said before, you will easily find places that will give you a little bit of aid, but the colleges you are likely to get into with that SAT score are not likely to cover enough of the cost to make it feasible for you to attend.

Is it possible to attend college in your own country and do a semester abroad in the US?

@Iwantusacollege you could try redoing you SATs and try applying to University of Louisiana system Monroe or Lafayette. I know a couple of seniors who went there with average stats. They’ll probably not give you a full ride but my seniors got decent scholarships… around 70 % or so.

Also if you can show the colleges that you’re really passionate about CS then, you can get in …

What is your LSAT score for just the math portion of the exam ?

@Publisher MATHS SAT SCORE 740

If your math score is 740, then you have a reasonable shot at getting admitted to a CS major.

The second issue is with respect to financial aid for international (non-US citizens) students.

Your search should start with Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa.

Grinnell College has about 1,700 students (46% male/ 54% female). Wealthy school & beautiful campus. Isolated in rural Iowa–a farming state with some of the best public high schools in the US.

Lots of international students percentage wise (about 20%).

Overall, your SAT score is on the low end for Grinnell College, but your math score is fine although not outstanding.

Biggest hurdle for you will be finding colleges & universities which offer financial aid to international applicants.

If you are willing to work to improve your SAT score, then consider retaking the SAT. Otherwise take Math II SAT subject test. You will need a score of at least 760, in my opinion.