Loans and med school: typical situation?

<p>One of my teachers has a friend, who has a daughter who is graduating from med school. She has received three offers from hospitals and they will all pay all off her loans with a starting salary in 6 figures. She is going into oncology. Is this a typical situation or not?</p>

<p>That story is flawed. She may be finishing her fellowship in Hematology-Oncology and getting recruited, but not out of med school.</p>

<p>This is just the story I heard straight from his mouth, so there must be something wrong on the other end as far as communication</p>

<p>okay sorry, she's going into her residency after she graduates</p>

<p>Right...and in 5-6 more years she'll be an Oncologist (almost certainly a Hematologist-Oncologist). Offers of recruitment will come during her last year of training. These are increasingly less lucrative as gov't oversight becomes more intrusive (the Feds are involved because hospital recruiting somehow mixes with federal funds thru medicare and medicaid pmts).
Generally some income guarantees of 2 years or less duration are given (an avg for a heme-onc doc would be about $175,000), as well as relocation expenses and some help getting the new practice going (staffing, marketing, etc.). Occasionally, assistance is available for obtaining a mortgage. Very, very rarely some loan foregiveness might be available, but this is the exception and never would cover the average $150,000+ indebtedness of a new doc.</p>