Loans for international students.


<p>Do you guys know of any companies that would loan money for college to international students, without requiring a US-based co-signer?</p>


<p>I think they won't be of large amount.</p>

<p>hi. i was also thinking about this. I was reading all the day about financial need, and it really intimidates me, that all the loans are given if you have co-signer. crap. :(</p>

<p>You can take loans in your home country; get your parents to guarantee it against their salary or against home equity.</p>

<p>yeah unfortunately you will need a u.s co signer if you want a big loan.. that's as far as I know.. sorry</p>

<p>i am also looking for a loan in the u.s without a co-signer, if anyone know of any pleaseee point me to the right direction, a i have been looking for a long time now but am unable to find 1</p>

<p>I wouldn't get any type of loan in the US if you can't pay it back with the salary you will be making at your home country.</p>

<p>hey not to dash your hopes but i guarantee you that after the scholarships you get which will not even be half of your tuition let alone cover food and housing, you will not receive any form of assistance (loans) from the banking companies here unless you have a us citizen or a pr co signer. Sallie Mae is the only company which i know of that approves private loans with pr co signers. The Ir rate is outrageous but i have no choice but to take it, 10.5 a month and interest starts right when the loan is disbursed, no deferments allowed whatsoever</p>

<p>My impression is that Sallie Mae is an evil loanshark from what I read on New York Times An</a> Initiative to Ease Student Loan Debt - The Choice Blog -</p>

<p>Not sure if this is relevant to you but I get some small loans from my college that requires no cosigner.</p>