Local College Student Expelled For Cheating!!

<p>I was just kidding. but i needed to grab your attention or u would have never read my thread. I NEED YOUR INPUT BADLY.</p>

<p>I want to know how easy it is for a biology and foreign language major to make A's in some of these top/good schools?
how good are the professors in giving extra extra help? or how easy are the classes?</p>

U. Pittsburgh
U. Pittsburgh honors program
Boston College
Boston University
NC State
Loyola Chicago honors program
St. Louis University
Penn State
University Texas Austin
Univeristy of Rochester
University Maryland-College Park-honors program</p>

<p>If U Go To Just 1 Of These Colleges,..... What Is Your Response?</p>

<p>great.... way more views than my last thread. i knew this title would work. but, where are the responses?</p>

<p>must i make individual threads for all the schools?....if i must i will.... since no one seems to answer me.</p>

<p>I think your problem is that this board doesn't attract a lot of college students, first of all, and those that are here may not attend those schools or be the specific major you mention--or be in a position to report whether it is 'easy' to get an A average.</p>

<p>Having a fake thread title simply means you get people to open the thread who have an interest in honor codes and/or expulsion and/or the topic of cheating in college. So all those views gain you little, because when they see you want information that has nothing to do with the title--and furthermore, information that is too specific for most of us to give--they leave without replying.</p>