Log in issue

When I try to log on with my iPad, I get this:

“Welcome to Concentrical. An account is required. Please ask an existing member for an invite or log in to continue”

BUT when I try to log in, it says my user name doesn’t exist, or my user name is wrong or my password is wrong! They are correct!

WTH. I’m typing this on my phone. I can’t log on on my iPad.

I emailed this screenshot to a moderator.

I can get to the site…but not through my screen icon…which worked three hours ago! Ipad 8. Current IOS.


@thumper1 can you try clearing your cookies on your iPad and trying again? Here’s an article that explains how to do it:

If you still have trouble feel free to PM me and we can get on a call to figure it out.

That site is our internal discussion board so you definitely shouldn’t be seeing that. I can’t imagine why you’d even be directed there. So strange.

I just got that too, on my PC, and have not previously has any trouble. This time I got into the forum by clicking “view all” but if I clicked on “forums” I got the message described above. This is an entirely new problem.

Ah i see it now. The link in the header will be fixed tonight. As for @thumper1’s login issues, I’ll work with her directly.

all good now

@compmom I was wondering if I was the only one…guess not!

Mine is working correctly this morning too. I have to wonder what the glitch was… @CCAdminMike

Someone left the toaster oven on before they left the office. :wink: (I wish that were further from the truth)