Long distances movers and moving

As I am known as the research queen among my family and friends, I have been enlisted to help in finding the information on a long distant move. I promise I will give credit to my CC family and not claim to have all the answers! :slight_smile:

My cousin is moving from the east to west coast and is trying to decide the best way to research movers. The reviews you read may mention a particular crew for local moves, but across country is different. As I have never moved this far, other than helping my son drive his car, I am at a disadvantage here. I assume we need to look at the big name companies-Atlas, United, Mayflower, etc… and I have seen information on what to ask when getting estimates and such. What I guess we are needing is some first hand suggestions on how best to handle the move, and how to select the movers. She doesn’t want to just pick the cheapest company, she would rather find the most reputable that provides the best service. Again, I know that will all depend on the crew with the truck. It looks like they also prefer a company that will guarantee a delivery date, so don’t know how that works as I understand the truck may have more than one home’s belongings on it.

I believe they will also want to transport one of their cars so as not to drive two cars across the country. Is that only done with a car carrier service, or can the car go on the truck with the furniture? I have heard of people that will drive your car for you; don’t know if they would consider that or not.

when we did a corporate cross country move, car went right in truck–and movers filled it with stuffed animals (goskids had a LOT). United was used–only because that’s what corporate arranged. No problems or complaints by us…but this was 20 years ago! One funny: the packers were very thorough—I unpacked a box with a trash can from our old office–complete with the trash that was not meant for a cross country trip!

My D just moved from Chicago to NY and she used Allied Moving affiliates. I had been referred to Allied by a friend, and my D contacted one of their local offices in Chicago. With great trepidation, given the mixed reviews we read online (but better than most), she hired them. They arrived on time on the appointed day, wrapped and packed all her furniture and the things we had not already packed, loaded their truck and took her stuff to storage. When she found her new apartment, she called and they gave her a firm date on which they would deliver her shipment. The day before, reps from the NYC local affiliate called and gave us a 3 hour window for delivery. Their crew arrived, on time, and got her all unpacked. After 5 months in storage, everything was intact, much to our surprise. On top of it all, the moving coordinator in Chicago and the pick-up and delivery crew could not have been more professional.I know it all depends on the local affiliate with these national moving companies, but our experience was great.

I had the same experience as you, @gosmom. A corporate-arranged move from Illinois to Texas many years ago, and the trash came too!!

Our long distance moves went very smoothly but they were corporate relocations. The moves were done through Clark & Reid, although I know they definitely aren’t the cheapest. Very efficient, very professional.

I used Pods to move cross country last year. It meant I had to hire packers and unpackers on each end. And deal with some city paperwork to get space held for the pods outside my apartment building. But I’m a bit of a do-it-myselfer (project manager). It worked out fine, and I think it was cheaper than hiring it out. I packed most of the moving boxes myself (bought packing materials from UHaul). Movers did some of the kitchen packing because I ran out of time, though.

I do not believe Pods would be the way to go for this family, but I looked into it for my son’s cross country move. Of course he was single with not much furniture; actually some of it is still in my basement as he didn’t have room for it in his place!!

Reading reviews about moving companies online is scary; no one is ever happy. I wish she could use a local company, but they can’t drive out of state, so that is not an option. Does she just call 3 of the national companies, get her estimates and go with her gut and wallet?

Very often there are local companies affiliated with the national companies. The one we chose in Chicago (Reebie Moving & Storage) was an Allied affiliate and the local company who delivered her shipment (remember, her stuff sat in storage in Chicago for 3 months), Liffey Moving, was also an Allied affiliate. The online reviews of most movers are scary…we went with the least scary!

We had S go with the moving company his employer (fed govt) recommended. As far as we know, it went fine. He also separately contracted for a company to ship S car from SF to D.C. at a later date. He did not have anyone drive it and it arrived as promised in great condition. I’m not sure if it was transported in a larger truck or on S trailer but can inquire of him if you’re interested.

We moved from Wisconsin to Florida about 5 years ago. We chose a good local company that packed up everything. Things then went to storage and were reloaded on a van to our new area (not enough for a full load- we downsized). Not as pleased with the now local movers as I was with the old place. Discovered the local big name company was also affiliated with another one here. Who knew. How smoothly things go will depend on factors in new and old location. Pick a good reliable local company. You can overthink things, btw.

We used JK Moving in the DC -Baltimore area, and they did a pretty good job. I was impressed with their last minute packing of things we didn’t get to also. Our move was local but I think they do relocations also.
Please consider what insurance is necessary when moving furniture like this. If you’re between houses, you might want to take out insurance through the mover or elsewhere.

            It really is different if it is a company move vs self funded relo, so take that into account when looking at recommendations. All our company relocation handled moves (international mostly) have been really painless outside of personal hysteria LOL. We have learned to just hand the movers the keys and just leave. Being overly involved, overly controlling, will make it hurt more. Make sure the fridge is full of  food for the movers, on our last move, the guys slept in the house overnight (remote move) so we made sure they had some beer. they did a great job. It is the quote people that are irritating. Corporate moves self insure so that is a big difference. 

HImom, we will be moving D across country for grad school. We had planned to ship her car. Can you please check with S on the company that shipped his vehicle. Thank you.

Ok. Sent S a text and will see him tomorrow.

S says he can’t remember company but wouldn’t recommend anyway.

Ok. Thank you.

I am about to move cross country and I will be using Ace Relocation. Can’t speak about how they handled my move, since it hasn’t happened yet, but Ace is very highly regarded. Worth checking out and getting a free quote from them.

I just moved to Chicago. We used Allied although they partnered with local packers/movers on both ends. I was very pleased with my move and fortunately I was the only house on the truck so I got an exact date for dropoff. Our additional car was shipped by Acme, again no issues.

I cannot say enough bad things about Pods for a cross-country trip. We used them and they did not deliver our goods for days after the agreed upon date. They could/would not tell us where our goods were. Once they finally arrived, they did not follow instructions on where to place pods and did not pick up in time, so we had our HOA and neighbors mad at us. (great way to start off with new neighbors). On top of it all, Pods took no responsibility. They did nothing to reimburse us for our time or added expenses incurred because of their negligence. We have move many times using real movers. They are more expensive, but at least they addressed their issues (and issues were minor).

I am another research queen. I’ve helped my kids move a few times; my S moved cross country twice and I got all my information from this forum, movingscam.com. All their moves went smoothly.