Long Winter Weekend

<p>Hi all,
Just wondering if anybody has fun plans or good ideas for long winter weekend. We will be coming in from the west coast and picking the kids up at school and then I am not sure... maybe we'll take them skiing, but it also might be nice to go somewhere warmer. Thoughts anyone?</p>

<p>There hasn't been much snow so far, so skiing may be suboptimal.</p>

<p>Assuming your kids are at New England schools, I have two suggestions:</p>

<li><p>A visit to MASSMoCA, the contemporary art museum in North Adams, MA (Western). They have an very unique exhibit there that I think even the least arty kid would like...an entire three stories dedicated to the wall drawings of Sol Lewitt. Seriously amazing.
MASS</a> MoCA - Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective
Look for a chain hotel in a neighboring town.</p></li>
<li><p>If you don't mind spending the money, a few nights at one of the "grand" hotels of yore could be fun. The Mount Washington Hotel (now an Omni hotels property) or the Mohonk Mountain house (farther west in New Paltz, NY).</p></li>

<p>Or, head to Boston and do museums, historic sites, and a basketball/hockey game? If you don't mind driving, NYC always has it charms...PM for hotel, dining, and shopping reccos.</p>

<p>Our family loves MASS MoCA. We usually couple a visit there with one to the Clark Institute in William's campus ( very close ). I think there is a ski mtn further south near Great Barrington...Butternut maybe? Of course there are plenty in Vermont and it' s all within an hour.</p>

<p>I absolutely second 7D on MASS MoCA. The whole compound is just really neato. The cafe also has the nest vanilla ice cream I've ever had. My D was just asking to go back last week.</p>

<p>Thanks for the great ideas... I just looked up the hotels. Wow! They look incredible. Mass Moca is a good call, too. We can get out of the cold for a while, and ice cream is a big favorite in our family, regardless of time of year, so we are all on board for that!</p>

<p>The NYT has a recent article on visiting the Berkshires in the winter, including Mass MoCA
In</a> Winter, Berkshires Culture Moves Indoors - NYTimes.com</p>

<p>I was going to mention the Clark, but didn't want to overmuseum the OP. </p>

<p>MassMoCA is more accessible (culturally/intellectually, not physically!), but The Clark is also great. IIRC, the Norman Rockwell museum is also in the Berkshires...our kids (11 and 14) enjoyed our visit there.</p>

<p>I was born and raised in the Berkshires, and while there are phenomenal museums and cultural opportunities galore up there (in addition to MassMoCa and the Clark, the Williams College Museum often has great exhibits), North Berkshire County is very rural and remote. Depending on where your kids are in school, they may be hankering to spend time in a more populated area. </p>

<p>Don't get me wrong: I love, love love the Berkshires but we are talking about the county that inspired Edith Wharton to write "Ethan Frome..."</p>

<p>Honestly, if your kids are like mine, they want to sleep A LOT and eat good food. The weekend is short so any location that can provide good sleep and food with a minor diversion or two would work. </p>

<p>A weekend in Boston tends to be a popular option or going skiing.</p>

<p>The Mt. Washington hotel suggestion is a great one! You have four mountains for skiing and the views are incredible. We have a house nearby in Franconia and I can't think of a prettier region of the Appalachians. PM if you have any questions but I think it'd be a fun place to spend LWW. Also, the skiing was a bit rough earlier in the season but the northern ski areas in Northern VT and NH have great conditions right now.</p>

<p>From Boston, you could fly to other destinations. Montreal in 1 hour, Miami in less than three, Bermuda in two. Relatively</a> warm, Bermuda?s a bargain - Boston.com</p>

<p>Please note, I don't do this. It can be done, though.</p>

<p>I'll second the suggestions of the Clark and Mass MOCA.</p>

<p>What do your kids want to do? Eat and sleep or get out of the bubble and visit a city? My kid wants various things at various times. Last year winter thaw, he was all about spending the week-end in Boston; this year, I think he just wants to relax. In fact, we're not even going this year...such a strange turn of events from last year. </p>

<p>Periwinkle: I don't often wish I were part of a different social strata, but you just filled me with temporary class envy. Not that I could jet to Miami in two hours from where I live, but just the thought....</p>

<p>Hi. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I am very tempted to go to Mt. Washington, although my son is pulling for Killington. Does anyone know anything about Killington? Is there much to do besides ski? In either case, I am hoping to catch MassMoca on the way up or on the way back.</p>

<p>@Periwinkle: I did not realize Montreal and Bermuda were so close. We are definitely going to have to keep those in our back pocket for a future family vacation.</p>

<p>Well, I guess mother nature cooperated and the Northeast is getting some snow today. Safe travels and hoping your long weekend is the right combination of rejuvenating and rewarding! If you do make it to MassMoCA, I want a full review.</p>

<p>We've only been to Killington in the summer (passing through for the amazing deals on winter wear), but enjoyed this breakfast place:</p>

<p>VT</a> Sugar and Spice Maple Syrup, Restaurant and Gift Shop</p>

<p>Hey guys.
Thanks for all the great suggestions. Unfortunately, my D got hurt in her game last week and we will be just taking it easy over the break. I am putting a list together of all the great places you all suggested so that we can visit them in the coming months.</p>

<p>What a shame! Hope she gets better fast. If it's any consolation, I think that getting lots of rest, just hanging out with family (eating out, talking, maybe shopping if there's anywhere nearby), and catching up on studying will make for a great weekend.</p>

<p>Hi. Just thought I would let you all know that a quiet weekend in Boston was perfect for our long weekend and for D 's recovery. We rested a lot, but also made it to the Pompeii exhibit (which was very crowded, but an amazing collection nonetheless) at the Museum of Science and a Bruins game.</p>

<p>I am looking forward to checking out some of the other options over the next few years! Thanks everyone.</p>