Looking for feedback on UVA for OOS students

With some states requiring that a majority of their admissions offers go to in-state students, do OOS students have a smooth adjustment? I would love to hear from current or former students, as well as parents, if you have any experience with this at UVA.

Thank you!

UVA is a “national” university - so you will be fine.

Except for the sticker shock.

Yes, but not all universities have a requirement that about 70% of students come from that state. OOS kids are guaranteed to be in the minority.

UVA meets full demonstrated need, so for some families it’s more affordable than their instate flagships.

70% is lucky - most are higher. UVA, UNC, U Mich are “national” schools.

If you want to not be in the minority though, you need to go to an aggressive school - namely So Carolina or Alabama (if you have good stats, the most aggressive). Also, Florida State.

UVA and UNC both state they meet full need - but note they take the CSS in addition to the FAFSA and in most cases, your “need” as they calculate will not equal what you calculate.

If you’re looking at UVA - if you are that level of student, you might also look at the private schools that meet 100% of demonstrated need - but again, and I don’t know your specific situation, but the FAFSA does not equal need for these schools…the CSS does.

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Thank you. Yes, I have an older student at a meets-full-need CSS Profile school and I agree that many families are very surprised at what their award is versus their FAFSA EFC.

My younger student has been accepted EA to UVA this year with a very fair package, and I’m strictly wondering if non-VA kids feel comfortable there. My question was sparked specifically from reading recently about issues within a different university, where there are reports of OOS kids feeling frequently left out in a clique culture. I’m hoping that UVA doesn’t have that kind of feel, but would like to be aware of others’ experiences as my student makes her final decision.

i can’t imagine. Most state universities are regionalized…UVA is national. I don’t go there. There will be reviews on niche + uniglo…either one. go onto Niche…go to page 5 or 6 and get past the most recent year as everyone was on line.

UVA is drawing all 50 states…they are big time.

Congrats on the admittance. Very impressive.

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Thank you very much! Good luck to you and thank you for the suggestions.

In other words, UVA is the school everyone dreams about going to.

Most flagship - a Tennessee or Nebraska or Arkansas - will be more regionalized - they are just state schools.

UVA, UNC, Michigan, and UCB/LA are on another level. Everyone from everywhere wants to go…they just can’t get in or afford.

Keep in mind UVA is 70% IS and UNC is 82% IS.
Also, at both schools being OOS isn’t an issue in fact most IS students are impressed the OOS students got in.
I have degrees from both schools and was OOS for both as well

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UVA has students roughly split by thirds: kids from Northern Virginia (suburbs of DC), kids from the rest Virginia, and out-of-state kids. Northern Virginia kids have a large percentage of military and federal workers as parents, and often originally come from other parts of the country. I have two daughters, a second year at UVA and a high school senior that was accepted ED to UVA. We are military family with one daughter born in Japan and the other born in California, and we moved to Virginia most recently from Germany. Our background is not unique for Northern Virginia students. This overall mix of students at UVA make it easy for all types of students to adjust well into the environment, including kids from throughout the US.