Looking for insights/thoughts about freshmen dorms, social life, etc.

My daughter is deciding between two schools (UVA and Mines). The only dorm she saw during the campus tour was Maple. We are OOS and have been searching for pictures, videos, etc. of the other dorms at Mines…we can’t find any! There is only one video on YouTube (and it is of Maple). She has heard that some dorms are less social (students keep their doors closed and keep to themselves), so we’d also be interested in any insights about the social dynamics at Mines.

I also have an incoming freshman. My understanding is that Elm and Traditional are community style setup with community bathrooms. Weaver is a different setup with 7-8 students sharing a suite with 2 bathrooms (4 bedrooms in the suite). There are some pics on the mines.edu website under residence halls. I have heard Trads are most social but not as nice as the other halls. My son is leaning to Weaver.

Have you joined the FB group for accepted families? You can probably get more information there. I think it’s called Family of Colorado School of Mines Accepted Students.

@G&HMom --Did your daughter choose Mines or UVA? What was the deciding factor? Thanks.

@Coloradomama She chose Mines. It was a hard decision, and she waited until the last possible minute (she had narrowed it down to UVA and Mines–although WashU and VT were still on her radar. WashU didn’t offer her any merit money, so that was eliminated!) She liked the school spirit/involvement/well-rounded student body at UVA (as well as its national reputation). At first she was concerned that so many people from our area had never heard of Mines. However, she quickly discovered–in talking to current and retired engineers–that Mines is widely recognized and very reputable in the engineering community. She also fell in love with the environment at Mines during her visit. She likes the idea of being around students who are all studying engineering together, the ROI at Mines is encouraging, and they gave her a nice merit scholarship. The area is beautiful, and it sounds like the class sizes are reasonable. She is very excited!

@G&HMom She will get an outstanding education and have options in Colorado, Texas, California, and nationwide. What will she study at Mines? The physics training is also very good at Mines as is chemistry and all things related to geology, so geochemistry, geophysics. Mechanical engineering is one of the strongest departments with good connections to the aerospace community in Colorado and Los Angeles. Mines offers dedicated teachers as well as research science. She can work with NREL scientists in Golden too, who work on wind energy and solar energy research. Hope she has fun! Denver is a light rail ride away from Golden, if she wants to explore a larger city.

Can anyone comment on how prevalent marijuana use is on campus?

I think its easily avoided.